Mean YouTube comments upset my kid. What should I say?

Internet trolls -- those folks who make cruel remarks just to stir the pot -- are everywhere. Tell your kid to ignore them.

That said, the ability to handle criticism -- and learn from it -- is a valuable skill that your kid will use for her entire life. Your kid genuinely may have wanted to see what other people thought of hers. But that doesn't mean that she was ready for negative feedback.

Next time, help soften the sting with a pep talk. Explain that comments are likely to run the gamut from insightful to insulting. Remind her to take the feedback with a grain of salt and use what she can as an opportunity to evaluate her strengths and weaknesses. She can learn from the experience that there's a way to phrase comments constructively. And both of you should remember that truly cruel comments violate YouTube's terms of service, so you should report anything offensive.

Your kid can use YouTube more effectively with these tips:

  • Use privacy settings. Set videos to private, and choose a small network of people to share with. (Learn more about using YouTube safely.)
  • Manage comments. If you post a video, you can either disable comments so no one can write anything, or you can choose to pre-approve comments so you can review them and approve only the ones you want to be visible.
  • Comment constructively. Teach your kid to make constructive comments on other people's videos.
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Kid, 12 years old

Delete and report the comments. If your kids actually get SUPER upset, they need to calm down and you probably need to talk to them about overreacting. Tell them that the people who posted the comments are just trying to make them feel bad.
Teen, 14 years old written by JBMuggleton

Well, whoever sent that comment, their probably a loner with no life, who goes online just to pick on other people, don't worry, your kid will have his whole life ahead of them
Kid, 11 years old

You can report the comments. If it's their own channel it is possible to disable comments as well.
Teen, 15 years old written by Epicjammer999

Heres what you do. Your kid will think "I sould stand up and fight back!"Wrong! If u do that, There gonna start blowing up with ur mom jokes and the F WORD! Trust me it has happened to me :l So heres what you do. Delete that comment before someone puts u in their "Worst Youtubers" Video. If ur kid cries tell them shut up cuz that person is really a bot who hated on every yt channel
Teen, 15 years old written by MoonTenshi

It Depends On How Mean The Comment Is. If The Comment Is The User Bulling Your Child Then Tell Them To Try And Ignore It. If They're Telling The Kid To Kill Themselves Or Something Serious Then Report The Comment.
Teen, 15 years old written by Common sense LST

just ignore it. if it doesn't pertain to your life or if it is not on any of your youtube videos it is ok. only if it is on your youtube video you should just ignore it . if it gets too serious, get some help. I saw a hate comment on a youtube page on Laowhy86's channel saying how do I ungay myself?referring to his friendship with another youtuber named prozzie.
written by ChocolateMilkshake

There is now an option on YT to only allow pre-approved comments (so the parents can approve them) can be shown on the video. Or, if you want the videos just for family, make it private so only people with the link can view the video.
Teen, 16 years old written by Unknown Pig

Tell him that even the biggest YouTube's get hate comments super amazing YouTube's get thousands of dislikes and hate comments every video just ignore them this what I do whenever I get hated on my YT channel is The Unknown Pig and recently I got a comment saying my vids were s--t and I should go kill myself and I am 11 just ignore those bullys
Kid, 10 years old

I have my own youtube channel myself i get hate comments as well what i do is ignore them i also delete there hate comment, I also don't take it seriously hate comments is just another thought for jelous people, Some people also just make hate comments cause they want to hurt your kid just ignore thats what i do.
Adult written by Grainne G.

OK, Kid, 10 years old, some advice, one thing that annoys a lot of people is the suggestion that hate comments are down to jealousy. A lot of criticism of YouTubers is down to the fact that a person finds them to be annoying. A young 13 year old YouTuber got a lot of criticism and unpleasant comments because he spammed all over the comment section of popular YouTubers channels. And most of the unpleasant comments telling people to kill themselves or perform sexual acts on themselves are made by people who are technically children themselves i.e. immature teenagers. Edit: Also as well as deleting comments you can also block that person from your channel. Also, it might not hurt to leave some critics negative comments up, I don't have much of a YT channel myself but I have seen comments on other channels which I'd definitely leave up as it makes the critic look like an idiot.
Kid, 10 years old

Do not take the problem in your own hands. Tell a trusted adult, and make videos private so only approved people can see them.
Parent of a 10 year old written by ABA

If your kid started the comment, disable it or if its there video they can dilute it. if you have a account you should comment to the one who's upsetting and tell them to stop. if its a cyberbully (and your child knows them) tell the principal or manger where the bully is or parent.
Teen, 14 years old written by Syphion

Trying to silence the community's opinion is not a good idea, ever. If this is trolling, in which someone is just trying to argue for fun, ignore it. If this is a "hater" then take what they say and use it to better your content or conduct. If this was cyberbullying then it would be in more placess than Youtube, and by specifically a few people. Learn the difference.
written by ChocolateMilkshake

If it upsets somebody, they have the right to ask them to stop.