What should I do if my kid is bullied online?

Finding out that your kid has been cyberbullied is emotional for parents. You or your kid might want to retaliate, but it's best to help your kid defuse the situation, protect himself, and make rational efforts to put a stop to the bullying. Here are the immediate steps we recommend for parents:

  • Reassure your child that you love and support him or her.
  • Help your child step away from the computer or device and take a break.
  • If you can identify the bully, consider talking with the parents.
  • Consider contacting your kid's school. If bullying is happening online, it might be happening offline, too.
  • Empower your kid with specific steps he or she can take.
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Parent of a 11 year old written by Mindful Parent

If you are experiencing online/phone text bullying, first know that it is not okay or appropriate for another person to speak or write to you in that manner. Don't believe what he/she communicates to you. Whatever emotion you're feeling, give yourself a moment and step away from your phone or computer. Save the texts, words or images, and communicate the experience to trusted parents/adults/school officials. There is someone available to assist you, and strategies to support you in all situations with people you know and don't know in your neighborhood, social network, public, and school. A good to know fact: If for example you are bullied in text messaging by a neighbor, classmate, or former friend, you have every right to tell the person to stop texting/contacting you. If he/she continues to contact you, it is considered harassment, and can be escalated to law enforcement. Additional legal options are available to you, even if the bullier's parents or school do not remedy the situation appropriately.
Kid, 12 years old

Being a victim of this many times, I would have to say is to take ALOT of screenshots. Don't confront the person because they'll probably delete everything and say they didn't know anything. I advise you to tell an adult you trust. If the bully is from school, then go to the principal. If you don't want to look uncool and have everybody know that you told on the bully, then tell the principal through note and sign it under anonymous or tell the principal not to tell anyone you were the one that told about the bullying. If the principal doesn't care, go to the district office. They are the ones who cares. If it's rom a person who isn't from school, then go to the police i guess? I think that might count as harassment.
Teen, 16 years old written by Introvert EC

Being someone who suffers cyber bullying often and suffered horribly from the consequences, I would urge you as a parent, encourage your child to talk to you. About anything that is being said to them no matter how insignificant it may seem. Advise your child to block the people being rude/mean to them and make sure they know that such behavior is unacceptable online or off. Some bullies will go as far to create another account, so be aware! The last thing you should do is tell your child to laugh it off or that it doesn't matter, because it most likely will to them. Please be aware of what is being said to your children online, if it isn't monitored well enough, remarks may follow your child, tween, or teen well into their adult years.
Kid, 11 years old

Well what I do is laugh at it or just don't listen to it I think it's the best thing to do
Kid, 11 years old

Well, due to the fact that i'm a hardcore gamer with friends on PSN and Wii U, i'd do this, just block the person, or just make them take a break, this is coming from a kid who takes care of this stuff by myself, I've had many people who bullied me online, i just blocked them and unfriended them.
Kid, 9 years old

never share email password where you live or any personal info and never read comments that start with WARNING they will give you paranoia for at least a year.Its usually some scary stuff and this happens at websites for kids very often if you don't read comments he/she will not get cyber-bullied and do not accept strangers to your friends.If you do get cyber-bullied tell an adult immediately.If someone is cyber-bullying you just report him/her.stay safe online!!!!!
Kid, 9 years old

I've noticed that plenty of sites tend to have a mute button to not let you hear any language, or see it in text. If that's available, and it's a site where cyberbullying is common, it's usually the best option. For the sites without it, it can be a little more difficult. If the child ignores the bully, he'll stop eventually. Commonly advise your child not to respond back, and if you do, respond with a "Please stop" rather than a threat, name-calling, or general insults. If it's a site with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it usually shouldn't be allowed anyway, because it starts to get to the point where there are questions like "Where do you live?" "What's you're phone number?". If you're child sees these, tell the child not to answer, it's a real dangerous thing.
Teen, 17 years old written by melissa1441

If its really bad tell the police and get your child homeschooled, if its 'you are stupid' or 'go away' etc, just ignore it. If it gets serious don't make your child think they should die and commit suicide, go to this website called ChildLine! They helped me with Cyber bullying, they are for children that are being abused, bullied, neglected etc. Melissa xx
Teen, 13 years old written by Erik137

If you know anyone that is being cyberbullied you should... 1. talk to them, reassure them. 2. explain and try to understand what they are feeling. 3. try and resolve it, block the bully. 4. if they are in school tell the teacher. 5. if it gets worse and a real problem visit or call child line 0800 1111 6. stand up to the bully.
Teen, 13 years old written by mavrc31027

Take away the account, this works most of the time unless it's a severe case of cyber bullying , like Amanda Todd or Rebecca Sedwick. If it is that bad, then the police needs to be involved and the child needs to be home schooled to protect them from all of the bullies.
Adult written by Stephen Murphy

If it's simply some random "your stupid." not much you can do. However, if it is an outright threat that harms your safety I would suggest that you take a screenshot if at all possible and report it to the police. If it is at school and the bully is physically harming you, you would probably need to decide if it's worth fighting if the situation calls for it.
Teen, 15 years old written by jahvabigdaddy

The kid mom should go up to his school in talk to one of his teachers that one of the kids are bullying her son online and offline to.
Parent of a 13 year old written by fleecy34

Before reporting to the police you should check your child's inbox well email and account click on the person who is cyber bullying them and you should find a block button that blocks them after phone the police go to the police station but before print out the evidence and show the police the evidence and then they will ask you or your child some questions
Adult written by Kaguas

Delete your kid's account, or take away his/her phone/laptop for awhile. Let them enjoy outdoor activities.
written by Jimmy brew

Immediately report it to a social worker and see what's wrong with the bully
Kid, 11 years old

Hello, First off you need to addressed the problem and the threat. If it is on a website flag them if you can. If not leave for a little bit. Or report them. If it is at school and you know their parent well then go and tell them. And remember the people that pick on you are the weak ones not you. So don't let them win. Never let them win. Hope this help's. -Good day
Kid, 10 years old

You should actually get offline and play if your friends if you want or talk to your family about it. Other than that, you can just block the person that is cyberbullying you. Hope this helped! I wrote about this because I used to be teased in school before I changed my act of stop being so calm. ~ShaylaRose123
Kid, 12 years old

you should also tell the to just block the bully if its the social media or game chat and seeing as those are basically tho only places you can be bullied then, that solves that
Teen, 13 years old written by KawaiiCupcake0718

The way I would do it is, contact the bully's mother if you know who it is, or calm your child down and let him or her to stop the talking online.
Teen, 13 years old written by Darksouls444

you should take them off the site until the player has been banned for his/her actions also there is groups of these bullying turds so its good to have your friends on the site to back you up if needed