What should I say to the parents of a cyberbully?

If your kid is being bullied by someone he or she knows, it's a good idea to talk it over -- face to face -- with the kid's parents. These steps can help you get on the same page and resolve the conflict together:

Schedule a meeting. Although your impulse may be to confront the kid's parents immediately, it's better to set a time to meet and discuss the situation when everyone's feeling calm.

Explain that you're there for your kid. Say that your kid reported the incident and you want to follow up. That takes the heat off the parents and allows you both to discuss your kids' actions.

State your goal. Yes, you're angry and hurt, but your goal should go beyond blaming. You want to end the bullying and have your kids stop engaging in destructive behavior.

Let the other parents talk. Hear them out; they may have information you don't know about.

Bring the evidence. Show printouts or the devices on which the bullying occurred.

Work together. As much as possible, try to enlist the other parent so you can work as a united front.

Talk about next steps. Create a plan for how to proceed as well as a check-in schedule so you can see how things are progressing. Depending on whether things calm down or escalate, you may need to bring in a neutral party -- a teacher, a counselor, even a community leader -- to deal with the problem and help you all move forward.

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Teen, 16 years old written by wolfbella14

Approach them kindly. Say, "Excuse me, Mr. "" or Mrs."" How are you today? (Insert a compliment here.) Then explain the issue. "It seems like your child ____ has had some issues with my child lately." Explain the problems in the kindest way possible. The parents should understand.