When should parents intervene in a cyberbullying situation?

Many kids don't tell their parents that they're being cyberbullied. Kids might feel embarrassed or ashamed to let you know they've been targeted. They also might be afraid your involvement will make things worse. But, if you find out your kid has been cyberbullied, it probably means the issue is major enough for you to get involved.

Try this: Collect more facts by talking the situation through with your kid. Work out a plan of action together. Make sure you and your kid agree on what the outcome should be.
 Ramp up your efforts as the situation demands.

Another reason not to rush to a solution: Research indicates that peers sticking up for each other is a very effective defense against bullies. Bullies work by trying to isolate their victims. When kids rally around the target, it thwarts the bully. Encourage your kid to reach out to friends for support.

Of course, if there are any real threats to your child's safety, you should contact the authorities immediately.

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Teen, 14 years old written by LostInPLace

Immediately. DO NOT let it get bad. It's important to report it to the school, and keep them with there friends to stop isolation. Stop it as soon as possible. Do not Delay.
Kid, 12 years old

I think that if your child is being cyberbullied that there are many ways to prevent that. 1. Block the user 2. Stay off the site 3. Ignore them 4. Report the user 5. Act like it doesn't bother you, maybe the bully/bullies will stop