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Device Free Dinner

Device Free Dinner

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Dad having a talk with his son

Be a Role Model: Find a Healthy Balance with Media and Technology

Now that screen-time recommendations are more flexible, it's time for new rules. Start now to create a balanced approach that keeps everyone healthy.

Little girls playing with phone

New Healthy Media Habits for Young Kids

Young kids learn how to use technology by watching their parents, so model healthy habits early by balancing media time with real time.

Dad with daughters playing on phone

5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Family Media Diet

You balance their meals, so why not their media? Learn the secrets to a well-balanced media diet.

Mom and daughter on a computer

How to Set Screen Rules That Stick

Easy tips for limiting kids’ computer, TV, game, and movie time.
Mom and daughter going over a phone contract

Here's Real Proof That a Cellphone Contract Works

Clear rules, buy-in, and mutual respect can help get your teen to sign on the dotted line.

Device-Free Dinners in Action

Amazing things happen when families choose to keep devices off the dinner table.

"Device-free dinners have helped me realize that having our undivided attention has brought us closer together, decreased arguments, and helped us be a stronger team."

Melodie G., parent of Howie, age 8, and Hope, age 5, reflects on the benefits of going device-free.

"We always talk about our day. If my husband and I forget to ask, one of the kids always starts, 'So what did everyone do today?"

Laurie T., mother of three, says her kids love family dinners.

"It's a special time where we talk, share, plan, and spend time together."

Kristy L., mother of kids ages 7 and 11, shares her family's device-free dinner activities.

"It was a life-changing experience for my students."

Janet Elias, technology teacher at Wagner middle school in New York, includes device-free dinners in her students' digital education.

#DeviceFreeDinner featured on the Today Show

"The most important one for me as a father is eating dinner together without technology. It reminds me of when my parents and I ate together as a family and spent quality time bonding as a family."

Noel S., father, recognizes the benefit of device-free dinners through each generation.

"The experience was great. I got to talk with my family and hear the funny things that happened in their days."

Ellis W., age 11, says device-free dinners are a regular family activity.

"I can't wait to spend time with my family and experience nature, go hiking, roast s'mores, and play board games. Believe it or not, I like to go screen-free every once in a while."

Common Sense teen user, on an upcoming device-free camping trip.

"During dinner, technology is off. We go around the table and everyone shares one good thing that happen that day, one bad thing that happen that day, and one wish that we have. Everyone gets to share as much or as little as they choose and gets uninterrupted time. How sad if screens messed up that opportunity!"

Susan M., Parent.

Device Distraction in the News

In today's 24/7 digital world, using media wisely is a healthy choice -- and a growing trend.

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Going device-free takes teamwork.

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