Digital Well-Being Is Common Sense

Digital Well-Being Is Common Sense

How to support your kids in a tech-driven, hyperconnected world.

The ubiquity of smartphones and other internet-connected devices makes it possible for kids to interact with the digital world from a very young age. Ninety-eight percent of kids under 8 have access to a device at home, and 50 percent of teenagers say they feel addicted to their phones. Families have seemingly endless media and entertainment choices, but high-quality, age-appropriate content is still hard to find. Educators face new challenges with powerful learning tools (and powerful distractions) in the classroom. And technology companies collect all kinds of information from us (and from our kids), sometimes without clarifying how it will be used.

Every day, the world of media and tech gets more complex. But there's good news: Together with parents like you, and alongside educators, policymakers, and industry partners, we're building a movement to improve digital well-being for kids, schools, and communities everywhere.

Our approach to digital well-being:

  • Quality content: Families taking charge of their digital choices.
  • Digital citizenship: Students thriving as learners, leaders, and citizens in the digital age.
  • Tech equity: Technology that works to support families and society.

Take charge of your media and technology choices.

Get resources to boost your family's well-being—and learn how you can help support solutions that make the digital world work better for all kids.