Kids' Digital Well-Being Is Common Sense

Kids' Digital Well-Being Is Common Sense

A guide to children's health and wellness in the digital age

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We always want what's best for our kids. So why does it feel like digital distraction is getting the best of us?

We know that many American teens feel addicted to their cellphones. But the truth is, adults feel just as hooked, and we have a hard time modeling healthy media habits for our kids. We're overloaded with virtual notifications, autoplay, chat bots, and other tactics designed to keep us all glued to our devices.

What if we could be in charge of our own digital health and well-being? Common Sense is teaming up with the Center for Humane Technology, a new organization of former tech industry insiders, to make it happen. Together with industry experts, health professionals, and researchers, we are advocating for technology that works in our best interests and empowering educators and families everywhere to support kids' digital well-being.

Digital well-being means:

  • Tech companies that design products that feel less addictive, support ongoing research into the impacts of technology on children's well-being, and value people over profit.
  • Parents, teachers, and kids who are aware of the rewards and the risks of technology and practice healthy media habits together.
  • We all have the tools to become good digital citizens, with access to high-quality information outside of our filter bubbles.
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