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Early Childhood

If I'm restricting screen media, what can I do to occupy my kid while I take a break?

Restricting media often means spending more time building blocks, playing dolls, and digging in the sandbox with your toddler. But at some point, kids need to occupy themselves so you can put up your feet (or get dinner started):

  • Listen to music. Young kids love to shake, shake, shake to all kinds of beats and sounds. Encourage kids to move and shake to the music and to make sounds themselves.
  • Have them "read" books. Just the act of holding books and flipping pages can prime kids for a future love of reading. They can pretend they're reading to a stuffed animal.
  • Play audiobooks. The act of hearing helps with language acquisition, imagination, and critical-listening skills. Set up a comfy space where your child can play with blocks or dolls while listening to an age-appropriate story.
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