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Early Childhood

Is it OK to take my baby to the movie theater?

Infants are too young to understand the action on the screen, but the environment could be overstimulating. Also, cinema-quality sound systems are really loud and could be too intense for little ones.

If you want to give the theater a try, sit in the quietest seat and be prepared to leave if things take a bad turn. You might be lucky enough to live near one of those theaters designed for families, or your local theater might host a mom-and-dad's night where they turn the sound down and the lights up to make it more baby-friendly.

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Teen, 13 years old written by Speckledhyena

I don't think babies should be taken to movie theatres. Even if the movie is one that's considered kid-friendly (examples include "Coco", "Tangled", or "Wreck-It-Ralph"), it's still not a good idea, since those movies (and many other similar movies; even G-rated movies have some moments that aren't really appropriate for kids) still have dark/scary/intense scenes, or other inappropriate content. Additionally, it's not a good environment for a very young child. It's very dark, the volume is fairly loud, and the screen is very large, so it might frighten your young child and would potentially lead to it crying in the audience when everyone else is trying to watch a movie. Plus, babies can't comprehend movies very well. If you want to show your kid movies and TV, I think you should wait until your child is about 2 to show these to your kids at home, and wait until they're about 4 to start taking them to movie theatres. But it depends on your child. If you think your child can handle being in a movie theatre, you can take them, but be sure to tell them it can be dark and somewhat noisy beforehand.