My baby loves to watch short videos of kittens and puppies online. Is that OK?

If you're enjoying them together and keeping your viewing sessions fairly limited (those videos tend to draw you in for longer than planned), it sounds just fine. Your baby is enjoying the closeness with you as much as the videos.

Extend the experience by visiting a neighbor with a friendly dog, getting books on baby animals, and practicing all the animal noises you can think of. At this age, you want to make media a shared experience and an opportunity for learning.

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Parent of a 12 year old written by Johnathan_Smith4

Absolutely not! Babies should not be exposed to technology in any way whatsoever. When my child was born, watching the TV and his older brother playing on the iPad made him sick and unable to sleep at night. I've read somewhere that an early start to technology will ruin your child's life forever, and I am on board with that as well! FINAL VERDICT: No more puppy / kitty videos for that small baby!
Kid, 11 years old

Yes, that is fine as long as you limit the videos and your baby isn't watching any scary stuff, violent things and stuff like that.