1-to-1 Essentials - Acknowledgements

Helping schools, families, and students harness the power of 1-to-1 devices responsibly.

Special Thanks

Our 1-to-1 Essentials Program is built on best practices from dedicated 1-to-1 educators. We owe a big thanks to those who helped us develop resources that reflect their lessons learned, valued experiences, and sound advice.

Content Experts

Kali Baird
Middle School Technology Facilitator
Science Lead Teacher; 6th Grade Earth Science
San Domenico School
Edward Chen
Director, Technology
The Nueva School
Barbara Cohen
Co-Director of Technology
Marin Country Day School
Kim Hartman
4th Grade Teacher
Corte Madera School
Portola Valley School District
Don Orth
Director of Technology
Apple Distinguished Educator
Hillbrook School
Renee Ramig
Director of Technology
Seven Hills School
Kelly Scholten
School Librarian
Hillbrook School
Christopher K. Sokolov
Director of Technology
& 21st Century Learning
San Francisco Day School
Cecily Stock
Head of School
San Domenico School
Tom Wroten
Director of Technology
Sacramento Country Day School
Elizabeth Wroten
School Librarian

Educator Reviewers

Lisa Hogan
Mt. Ararat Middle School
Maine School Administrative District 75
Barbara Greenstone
Boothbay Region High School
Boothbay School District
Kathie Kanaval
Hughes Elementary
Santa Clara Unified
Jennifer Katzen
Hughes Elementary
Santa Clara Unified
Kris Mitzner
Diane Winborn Elementary
Katy Independent School District
Stella Porto
South Richmond High School, P25R@IS 25
Staten Island, District 75
New York
Mike Taverna
Sacred Heart Schools
Renee Rappo
South Richmond High School, P25R@IS25
Staten Island, District 75
New York
Rob Residori
Education Technology Department
Chicago Public Schools
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