Student Assessment

In the K–12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum

Three Ways to Assess Student Learning

1. Closing questions:

Lesson wrap-up questions informally assess your students' understanding of lesson objectives. These guided discussion questions come with sample answers to help you gauge your students' understanding of targeted learning outcomes through informal classroom conversations.

2. Lesson-level assessments:

Each of the K–12 lessons includes a three-question quiz. Provide each student with a printed copy to assess knowledge gained and skills acquired. The teacher version of each quiz provides thorough answer feedback.

3. Unit-level assessments:

These comprehensive student-facing tests cover the five lessons found in a unit. Send students to Unit Assessments to complete the tests independently. The interactive tests include a mix of multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-drop, and short-answer questions. Students can email their results directly to you.