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Common Sense Media's 9-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum

Audrey Stokes Associate Product Manager, Education Categories: In the Classroom
Associate Product Manager, Education

We are pleased to announce that we officially launched our 9-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum!

This program empowers students to think critically and make informed choices about how they live and treat others in today’s digital media world. The curriculum, which was co-created by the team of Dr. Howard Gardner and the GoodPlay Project at Harvard Graduate School of Education, covers topics from internet safety and security to privacy and cyberbullying  and uses engaging content to inspire kids to be responsible digital citizens.

“A quality digital literacy and citizenship education for all kids is an essential foundation of a 21st century workforce and society,” said Linda Burch, chief education and strategy officer, Common Sense Media.

To view all the materials and information videos used with parents and in the classroom – including the new high school resources – visit

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Adult written by JohnstonNorma

Sure it is a great idea. I just hope children are not overwhelmed and overworked because of the big number of subjects. But teaching this stuff is still pretty important. It is a good thing they included it into the curriculum. __ free winzip download
Adult written by CSM Screen name...

Hello! I think that such program for students is very useful nowadays - new technologies appear all the time and people should be up to date with them. Besides, it is also necessary to learn the ways of protection from the dangers which are hidden in the world of the Internet, such as spam, viruses and cyberbullying. Martha Stuart, relevant information on mov to avi
Adult written by CSM Screen name...

I really like this idea, since kids are keen observers of the media world since their early years, they should be aware of all its benefits and threats. I wonder if the program is still available in 2012, I have a seven year-old daughter who would love to participate. epub reader
Educator written by Alicia Hankins

Do you plan on adding more lessons to the Research and Information Literacy Strand? I feel like there aren't near enough lessons in the 9-12 curriculum for that strand. Many high schoolers have limited knowledge on conducting research and evaluating relevant and credible information or websites.