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Learning First, Technology Second

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That’s what teacher Bill Ferriter reminds us with his cleverly hand-drawn infographic that’s gotten a lot of attention in the past few weeks.  With over 9,298 views on Flickr,  "Technology is a Tool, NOT a Learning Outcome" made an impression on educators, many of whom are in the throws of summer planning and figuring if and how they’re going to use more tech in their classrooms in the coming year.

There’s been some thoughtful debate about Ferriter’s posts at the Center for Teaching Quality. He reminds that technology can enable an important kind of  “intellectual togetherness, ” but learning still has to be at the center of the choices we make in the classroom.

“Technology,” he writes in a follow-up post, “DOESN'T automatically make a lesson more engaging and/or valuable to student learners—and suggesting otherwise often results in districts investing TONS of cold hard cash into digital products or services that do little to change learning spaces for the better.”

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Educator written by jshrader

I wish more educators were speaking out on this topic. I'm switching to chromebooks this year and VERY excited.....but just "doing stuff" is still not teaching and learning....I know the "learning pyramid" and the importance of kids "doing" but it still has to be guided, prompted, monitored.....even a carefully controlled sequence of media won't necessarily cause the students to think, or express what they are learning.