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New! Digital Citizenship Song and Video

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Download the video for free! (Right-click, save)

Something you may not know about us here at Common Sense Media, is that quite a few of us are former classroom teachers! When we develop new materials, we always have our favorite memories to guide us. One thing we remember fondly is being amazed by how music transformed a classroom – kids would jump to their feet, whatever the song, to sing and sway while the teacher subtly wove word play and pattern recognition into the mix.

This summer, we worked with a great animator and composer to create our first digital citizenship song for elementary students!

The song plays off of our popular poster that illustrates how kids can use their heads, hearts, guts, arms, and legs to be a good digital citizen. Pause and Think Online (a good mantra!) also stresses the connection of safe, respectful, and responsible behavior online and offline. 

To accompany the song, we've created this classroom-ready PDF bundle with posters illustrating each step toward being a good digital citizen!

Pause and Think Online

Use your head to hold your hat, and your smarts will tell you where you're at
And to think about the zoo and to nod hello to you and you.
Use your head when you're online to keep what's yours inside your mind
And to know how to be safe, how to give your life some private space.


From your head down to your toes, pause, think about it.
From your feet up to your nose, pause, and think online.

Use your heart to grow and grow and to give yourself a healthy glow
And to make a valentine, and tell someone you'll be mine.
Use your heart when you're online to feel what's right and always kind.
Show your friends respect to be fair and nice on the Internet.


Use your arms to hug a pet and to keep your clothes from getting wet
And to wear your favorite sleeves and to help you fly in make-believe.
Use your arms when you're online to take a break and balance time
And to leave your tech behind and to find yourself a tree to climb.


Use your gut to store your food and to listen to its growling mood
And to make a belly flop and to feel the gas in soda pop.
Use your gut when you're online and know to watch for certain signs
And to let it guide the way and tell you when it's not okay.


So, think with your head
And feel with your heart.
Balance with your arms.
Listen to your gut online.

Use your legs to run and kick and to jump and bounce on a pogo stick
And to dance around the block and to skip along in your smelly socks.
Use your legs when you're online, and stand up to bullies who cross the line,
And remember to stand tall -- be nice to creatures great and small.


So, think with your head
And feel with your heart.
Balance with your arms.
Listen to your gut.
Stand up with your legs.


So download the video, hang up the posters, and have fun! Please share!

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Educator and Parent written by jao7269

I use this with my 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders and they LOVE IT! It's a catchy song that they were able to learn quickly. It is requested every class.
Educator written by You Smile

Great creation! I will show this to my middle school peer mediators and get their opinions about whether this is too elementary to use until the teen version is created. The message in the song is so important!!
Educator written by Darri Stephens

Just wanted to let you know that we've created a song for middle schoolers! Check it out and let us know what you think:
Educator written by Lahteb

Was this developed by the same team that did Metro Trains Melbourne's successful "Dumb Ways to Die" video?
Educator and Parent written by mafeulner

I was wondering the same thing! It does have the same type of addictive tune, doesn't it. Sadly, I cannot tell from the credits.
Educator written by Darri Stephens

You asked, so we took a try at a middle school song. Check it out and let us know what you think:
Educator and Parent written by mediamaven97

I agree about a tween/teen version. I love this for my lower el. students, but I don't think my 4th and 5th graders will appreciate it as much. ;-)
Educator written by Chelecbrown

Same here. Really need a tween and a teen version. Those two groups are the one I see most involved in drama and needing the reminders the most.