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These Practical Tips Will Help Jump-Start Your Year

Common Sense Graphite Certified teachers offer great ways to use Common Core-aligned edtech.
Shira Lee Katz Senior Director, Education Content | Tech and learning enthusiast Categories: In the Classroom
Senior Director, Education Content | Tech and learning enthusiast

One thing's for sure this school year: Many of you (not countin' Texas and some others) are on the hook for implementing the Common Core State Standards and accompanying assessments with unprecedented fidelity.

No matter what your stance is on these standards, Common Sense knows you need practical tools and ideas to help you meet them creatively. Push boundaries with the Common Core? Depending on your educational, philosophical, or political stance, this statement might seem¬†reasonable, exciting, or possibly¬†na√Įve.

We challenged our Graphite Certified teachers -- essentially our vetted power users -- to create cutting-edge Field Notes (teacher reviews) and App Flows (tech-rich lesson plans) for 20 websites that are intentionally designed to meet Common Core State standards and are also highly rated. Many of these products were recently mentioned in a blog post by Bill Gates! (Please note that while Common Sense's Graphite is supported by Bill Gates' bgc3, we operate with a clear editorial boundary between us.) These Top Picks for Back to School are solid products in-and-of themselves, but they're also good for meeting these standards.   

Read on (and scroll down) for exemplar Field Notes and App Flows from talented Common Sense Graphite Certified teachers.

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