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You Asked, We Listened: Spanish Resources Are Here!

Audrey Stokes Associate Product Manager, Education Categories: Digital Literacy, Digital Citizenship, Advice for Parents, Common Sense Resources
Associate Product Manager, Education

As the educator community manager here at Common Sense Media, I often field requests from educators who would like to see our materials in Spanish. I am excited to announce today that we have added Spanish versions of our family tip sheets, videos, and most recently, student-facing lesson materials.

Here's a roundup of all of the materials we now offer in Spanish:





  • Family Tip Sheets (click Spanish to view). Provide advice about current issues related to the age-appropriate topics we addres in our K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum.



We hope you find the new Spanish-language additions useful. Please share with your community! Is there anything else you'd like to see us provide in Spanish? Let us know in the comments - we're always listening!

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Educator written by AnaMinerva

I no longer see links to the Spanish versions of student materials. Have these been eliminated? Or are they available on another website?
Educator and Parent of an infant year old written by Erin Wilkey Oh

Sorry for the confusion, AnaMinerva. The missing links resulted from a brief glitch we had after a site update last week. You should find the Spanish versions of all student-facing materials now, located on each lesson webpage in the right-hand column. Also, in about a week, we will have all our videos subtitled in Spanish available on YouTube.