Cyberbullying Toolkit

Standing up, Not Standing By:

A Free Cyberbullying Toolkit for Educators

This free toolkit has the resources schools need to take an effective stand against cyberbullying. Rely on it to start your year off right.

Every day, you see how cyberbullying hurts students, disrupts classrooms, and impacts your school's culture. So how should you handle it? What are the right things to do and say? What can you do today that will help your students avoid this pitfall of our digital world?

We created this free toolkit to help you take on those questions and take an effective stand against cyberbullying. So start here. Use it now. Rely on it to start your year off right.

Your own personal toolkit

Use this kit to educate students about cyberbullying and respectful online behavior. It has the materials you need to show students how to stand up when they see digital harassment happening and to help you create a positive school culture where kids can thrive – both online and off.

It offers easy access to our two best lessons on cyberbullying for each grade level. You'll find engaging, turn-key instruction for your classroom.

And since parents are worried and confused about cyberbullying, too, we've also included a grade level "workshop in a box" that you can use to bolster your parent involvement efforts this back-to-school season and beyond.

We hope you'll share this kit with every teacher, media specialist, tech coordinator, administrator, and parent leader in your community to get them on board.

Get Started

Resources for Administrators:

In addition to Common Sense, many other organizations offer help in addressing cyberbullying. We encourage you to take advantage of the support these sites offer:

Teacher's Guide to Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy Teacher's Guide by Meredith Gavrin for classroom use and youth groups reading the bestselling book by Emily Bazelon

Generation Safe - iKeepSafe
Tools to help you manage and prepare for cyberbullying incidents National Conference of State Legislatures
State-by-state info on cyberbullying laws

ADL Cyberbullying Resource Center
Workshops and advocacy tools
Pew Internet and American Life
Sources of credible cyberbullying research

Center for Safe & Responsible Internet Use
Guidance on school liability and policy

Edutopia's Digital Citizenship Roundup
Articles and community discussions on cyberbullying and more

Resources for Kids and Teens:

Many entertainment sites popular with kids already offer guidance on how they can stop cyberbullies. Deepen your students' learning by sharing these resources:

MTV's A Thin Line
Interactive tools engage older kids in defining what it means to "cross the line"

That's Not Cool
Catchy "call-out cards" and other tools help kids become upstanders

Webonauts Internet Academy
A PBS Kids game engages younger kids Teen Center
Games and comics teach online safety

Resources for parents:

Common Sense Media offers a wide range of advice created specifically for parents. Share these links with parents who aren't able to attend an in-school event:

Comprehensive parent guide
Everything parents need to know about cyberbullying, organized by age and stage

Online cyberbullying tip sheet K-5
Online cyberbullying tip sheet 6-12

Online versions of our cyberbullying tip sheet PDFs and video

5 things to know about cyberbullying
Quick tips, plus an engaging video

Bullying is everybody's business
An informative article about the four roles kids play in cyberbullying incidents

Advice for parents on other issues
Practical info on everything from texting to video games