EdTech for Educators: Training for ConnectED Sites


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This workshop will equip instructional leaders and educators on key concepts and practices for meaningful technology integration in schools.

Participants will:

  • Explore how their perceptions of technology and the digital shift can influence their practice.
  • Brainstorm the opportunities for technology and learning for Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity (the 4 Cs).
  • Examine useful models, including Bloom's (Digital) Taxonomy and the SAMR Model, as a lens for teachers to design digital learning experiences. 
  • Learn five essential skills for today's educator: Discover, Evaluate, Curate, Integrate, Collaborate.
  • Identify ways to integrate technology into lesson plans to achieve learning objectives.
  • Receive recommendations on high-quality tools for learning, and try out some of these tools. 
  • Understand why it's important to create a culture around digital citizenship - including teaching students, engaging parents, and supporting teachers - to harness the power of technology for learning.
  • Create an action plan to bring practices back to school sites. 

Jump to:

Digital Shift
Frameworks for Tech Integration
Redefining Lesson Planning
Building a Culture of Digital Citizenship
Being an Agent of Change


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Digital Shift

Key question: How might an educator’s beliefs and attitudes about technology affect his or her teaching?

Overview: Explore the concept of the “digital shift” with discussion-based activities to surface attitudes that can be powerful influencers of technology integration.

Frameworks for EdTech Integration

Key question: How are the SAMR Model and Bloom’s (Digital) Taxonomy helpful frameworks for technology integration?

Overview: Get introduced to the SAMR Model and Bloom’s (Digital) Taxonomy, and engage in hands-on activities to apply these models.

Finding and Integrating Great Tools for Learning

Key question: How can educators integrate technology into their lessons?

Overview: Learn five essential skills for today's educator, including how to integrate technology into lessons to support learning objectives. 

Creating a Culture of Digital Citizenship

Key question: How can schools build a culture of thinking critically, behaving safely, and participating responsibly in the digital world by teaching students, engaging parents, and supporting teachers? 

Overview: Learn the steps schools can take to build a digital citizenship program including free digital citizenship resources from Common Sense Education.  

Developing an Action Plan

Key question: How do I bring these concepts and practices back to my school? 

Overview: Identify ways you can "carry the torch" and be an agent of change at your school sites. Create an action plan with others from your school. If taking this training back to your school, review the Guide for Facilitators [link TBD].