Is there any social media that's good for kids?

Finding social sites specifically designed to be beneficial is a good idea. Though 45 percent of teens say they use social media every day, they rank it lower in personal enjoyment than every other kind of media. So it's possible many teens use social media simply because their friends do and they don't want to miss anything, rather than actually liking what social media has to offer.

Kids are moving away from having one social-media destination (such as Facebook) and instead downloading different apps for different purposes. That makes it easier to find those that promote positive interactions, as well as those that enable teens to explore their interests, be creative, make connections, and learn about the world. And though these niche options might not take the place of Instagram, for example, they might make kids a little happier.

Here are some options to explore:

Brighten. Though it can't replace the power of positive, personal interaction, this social media app tries to spread good vibes from user to user.

Code Academy. For budding programmers, or anyone else who wants to pick up some 21st-century skills, Code Academy is a great way to learn, create, and share computer code with like-minded folks.

Everloop: Goobit. Designed for kids 8 to 15, Everloop has a motto -- "Be cool, be clean, be confidential" -- that says it all.

Minecraft. This open-world, "sandbox-style" creative game lets kids play, build, and share no matter what their skill levels.

Path. A maximum of 150 connections is all that's allowed on this social media app that encourages users to share more selectively with "high-quality" friends.

Sit With Us. Created by a teen, this app lets kids arrange to eat together in advance to avoid the painfully awkward school experience of standing there with a lunch tray, not knowing where to sit.

We Are Here DIYDoc. If your kid is a budding journalist or just has a story to tell and share, this app helps kids create simple documentary stories and share them.

WordPress. Writerly kids can't get much better than this classy, easy-to-use blogging app that lets them write from their phones.


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Teen, 13 years old written by WhyEvenBother

There isn't a lot of social media that would be appropriate for kids, at least, in my opinion, there isn't much. I've been using Pinterest since I was 11, and there isn't a lot of bad things on there. Of course, there's cussing, but most people can handle that. Pinterest is aimed at people over 13, but I would allow my kids (if I had them) to get it once they're about 9. YouTube would also be good if they, again, can handle cussing. I would wait on Snapchat and Instagram until they're a little older, those apps, I hear, can track your location and there's a lot of guys on there that might, you know, be pedophiles and trick kids into giving them their address and info.
Teen, 13 years old written by Yellow_Dally1

I personally despise social media, and that is saying something because I am a teen. However, the only Social Media site that is actually tolerable is YouTube because it is a place to entertained, not to share about your life. The problem with other platforms is that teens can share anything they wish about themselves, they can even try to convince that their peers (or even themself!!!) that their life is grand, which is bad for those who have low self esteem to see others with their lie of a life. The only time that using these platforms is tolerable, is when they fully comprehend the concept, rights and wrongs, and consequences. They should also limit their time on the site, and not prioritize these types of platforms.
Teen, 13 years old written by dance_is_life04

The best social media apps for teens to use are snapchat, Instagram,, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and YouNow
Adult written by janetldee

I recommend that Scratch be added to this list. With over 8 million users world wide, most of whom are between 10 and 15 years old, it is not just is a very active community. There is a dedicated team that moderates the entire site and it has been described by teens as the safest place for them on the Internet. From the Scratch site: “I like Scratch better than blogs or social networking sites like Facebook because we’re creating interesting games and projects that are fun to play, watch, and download. I don’t like to just talk to other people online, I like to talk about something creative and new.” - 13-year-old
Adult written by isaaclee

Although there are many different apps for many different purposes that can help kids learn skills, sometimes its best if is taught by someone else. I believe that kids who are taught skill by someone else, they learn better than by a computer. Learning skill by a computer can be scary because there are times when you can't trust it due to scams, false identity and so on that can ruin people's lives. It seems as if people don't want to teach their own children or other children so they just let them learn by computer since almost everything has technology.