Best games: Our Recommendations for Families

Got a houseful of gamers? Our editors help you choose the best PC games, plus games for the Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and many other platforms. Our "best games" lists are full of challenging, fun, and age-appropriate picks.
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Game Poster Image
High-energy games that feature adventure and originality.
Duckie Deck Trash Toys App Poster Image
Interactive tools that help kids explore our world.
Elmo Loves ABCs App Poster Image
Read, write, study literature, practice grammar, and more.
Spider-Man 2 Activity Center Game Poster Image
Capes? Check. Tights? Check. Fun? Double-check.
Ekoloko Game Poster Image
Get involved in issues that affect communities around the world.
MarcoPolo Weather App Poster Image
Rain or shine, these meteorological picks are sure to entertain.
Bedtime Math Website Poster Image
Quality games and apps make practicing math fun.
Assemble with Care Game Poster Image
Kids will look up to these plucky female protagonists.
OK Play - Learning Activities App Poster Image
Help kids put themselves in the shoes of others.
A Case of Distrust Game Poster Image
Fabulous gaming picks for the 12-and-older set.
Daily Vroom App Poster Image
Educational goodies that won't break the bank.
HOMER Learn & Grow App Poster Image
From spelling games to kid-friendly news, meet key ELA learning goals in unique and engaging ways.
Bugs and Numbers App Poster Image
From counting to algebra, these Common Core-aligned math products really add up.
Boom Blox Game Poster Image
Foster an understanding of physics through games.
Touchgrind App Poster Image
Bring the skate park indoors with these hits.
Tozzle - Toddler's favorite puzzle App Poster Image
Encourage kids to consider problems from many angles.
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Battle Trainer Game Poster Image
Teach kids to think ahead to the long-term goal.
Dora & Kai-Lan's Pet Shelter Game Poster Image
Learning what happy, sad, and confused feelings and faces are are crucial skills for kids.
Duckie Deck Trash Toys App Poster Image
Calling all mini mad scientists.
Gigantosaurus Game Poster Image
Which Xbox One games are good for kids?