Best games: Our Recommendations for Families

Got a houseful of gamers? Our editors help you choose the best PC games, plus games for the Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and many other platforms. Our "best games" lists are full of challenging, fun, and age-appropriate picks.
Eli Explorer App Poster Image
Pioneering picks for bold adventurers.
ESPN Sports Connection Game Poster Image
Bring sports indoors -- without breaking a lamp!
Little Friends Dance Studio App Poster Image
These great picks make all the right moves.
Tozzle - Toddler's favorite puzzle App Poster Image
These engaging products help kids learn letters and words.
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Website Poster Image
Great government products that get our vote of approval.
Green Rank: Green Our Home App Poster Image
Explore environmental interconnectivity.
Sketch, doodle, and draft to your heart's content.
Intro to Colors, by Montessorium App Poster Image
Painting products perfect for the next Picasso.
Daniel Tiger's Storybooks App Poster Image
Let it sink in with titles crafted for comprehension.
Molly of Denali: Learning App App Poster Image
Delve into the delightful details of diverse cultures.
Every Body Has a Brain Game Poster Image
Digital picks to help light up learning about the living world.
NRICH Website Poster Image
Stats standouts that far exceed the average.
BrainPOP Jr. Website Poster Image
Go from debt to surplus with economy picks that really have the goods.
Angry Birds Star Wars App Poster Image
These Star Wars games are from a galaxy far, far away.
SimAnimals Game Poster Image
Walk many, many miles in someone else's shoes.
Bob the Builder: Can-Do Zoo Game Poster Image
Great games to set boys on a healthy, positive path.
Pix the Cat Game Poster Image
Fun games where violence is not an issue.
Big Brain Academy Game Poster Image
Forgetful kids? These games may help.
Wii Party U Game Poster Image
Families have a whole new way to play games together.