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Simple visuals hide deep gameplay of deception, deduction.
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Adult Written byTheRealPlatinumX26 October 12, 2020

There is 1 Great Game Among Us

Among Us is a game where there is 1 imposter among 10 little spacemen and the innocent spacemen have to figure out who the killer is.
Overall there is a little blood but take a red colouring pencil and draw a few circles on a page. That's the blood in this game.
Use of guns and knives to kill people
Possible language in chat, but European servers are way less vulgar

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Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Adult Written bywizardortitan November 27, 2020

Appropriate for the right environment

Parents should know that, in terms of gameplay, "Among Us" isn't very objectionable; getting killed will catch you by surprise at first, but the animations are mild and cartoony. The real issue here is in public lobbies, in which strong language and names of a sexual nature are common ("Horny boy/girl" is common, as well as "need a bf/gf".) There is a profanity filter enabled by default; however, it suffers from the Scunthorpe problem and censors completely inoffensive words, making communication with other players confusing at times and making it more likely a child will want to disable the profanity filter. As such, this game should be played either under close adult supervision or with people that a child knows through family, school, etc. They can create their own private lobbies and even find a way to set up a voice communication through Skype, Discord, etc. to get the full potential of the game without worrying about offensive conduct.
Parent of a 11-year-old Written byjagstormy October 10, 2020

Fun but get ready for some language

The game itself is clever, simple and fun, but the chat exposes kids to all kinds of inappropriate language, name calling and sexual innuendo at times.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byJANE110 January 5, 2021


My kids have loved this game since discovering it a month ago. It is such fun for them trying to guess the imposta and brings shrieks of laughter and joy... BUT .... on a regular basis they are being asked their age and for lots of personal info like snap chat and insta (which they don't have yet), and for past few goes someone has written such sexually explicit messages in the chat aimed at kids that I have had to report it to the police. So.., parents watch out. If your kids play this game ask them about what questions people have been asking and if they play the public game remind them of the safety on line rules and never to share their private info. It really shook me to read what was being written in the chat which went way way beyond swearing. There is currently no way to report on this game so maybe its currently also a hang out for perverts and opportunists. If kids are playing public server and not a private game I would say 15 plus as there are clearly inappropriate people on the server and the chat is totally wrong and trying to get info from young kids.

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Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bytpretzel October 10, 2020

Not appropriate for kids

My 12 yr old son heard all his friends talking about this app. It allows you to chat with others not in your contacts. There is an option to censor the chat which we turned on but the very first time I got on to use it someone was using explicit language. We immediately deleted it.

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byCattyMeowyCoSense December 13, 2020

A very good game of deduction and solving murders.

Hiya, Common Sense! The first thing I'd like to say is that: young people swear ALL THE TIME. In school, on the street, with friends - everywhere. So I'd stop the protest about bad language in the game.
Firstly, the violence isn't all that bad. You may think, "But there's killing and murder!" Well, it is a very cartoonish game, with no gory violence and only a tiny bit of blood (imagine a line of red, that's the blood).
As for positive messages, expect some teamwork with crewmates all trying to reveal who is the Impostor. People need to discuss and find clues, which the crewmates try to do. It also teaches to use proof, not guessing.
Overall, this is a fun party game. I don't blame you for being worried about our kids' safety (this is a new thing, new things are scary), but I would rate this game for kids over 10. It's easy to play, not all that violent, and very engaging too. There's no sex or drugs.
Adult Written byKiki72309 November 1, 2020

It's just the chat

The game is fun and finally something different from Roblox.. But the chat opens doors for anything.

*my daughter's experience: she is 11 and someone put their phone number in the chat. Being 11... She texted the person back and forth for a few days. Once I saw the texts I put an end to it, but had I not been on top of her it could have been bad. Hopefully it was just another kid, but there is no way of knowing.
Adult Written bySnowierArtist75 October 20, 2020

great game

it a good game you can play it with friends or with your family the only thing wrong is that people swear if you play with a random lobby and the toxic players on pc if you want to avoid playing with them play on your Android phone instead

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Positive Messages
Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bycookiesmama November 29, 2020

disappointed with chat/cyberbullying

My daughter and I both enjoy playing. However it is disappointing when a group of kids/adults play as a group. Chatting or on a call with each other and gang up against others. Then again that is ok but what is not ok is belittling them. Calling them suckers and hos because they were caught as the imposter. Word of advice from this mom is to be present. If your kids are in a room with only 4 people chances are 2 or 3 of them are working together and can get nasty to the single person out.
Adult Written byMomOfLoShmart January 4, 2021


I love that you can instruct your child to only play private with friends. We make it an event and schedule a round of games via zoom while everyone plays in a different device, switch, phone, iPad.

You need at least 4 players. I don’t plan on letting them play public since there is a group chat aspect. I love that it forces them to work as a team, teaches them how to hold a poker face when they are the imposter. How multitask under stress. It teaches that some fun anxiousness can be fun.

At the worse you can kill or be killed or find a dead body of a cute little cartoon. I know, sounds bad, but until play it yourself it really is not much. I find visuals in other games like Roblox or Minecraft more disturbing.

Combine it zoom with good friends. Try to get them to set rules like
1) no talking once it starts
2) only talking when a meeting is called
3) be nice
4) have proof if suspect someone
5) take turns starting a game.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byDeeWatts99 October 22, 2020

My Colorblind Child

My son is colorblind. Game isn’t colorblind friendly. Would be helpful if he could ID based on patterns, etc not color.
Adult Written byBeardedDeity October 1, 2020

Deductive Party Game for Kids

Among Us is a good game for teaching children the ins and outs of deductive reasoning and socialization. The cartoonish violence is fun and it's a good game to get a group of people together and enjoy. A passing fad to enjoy while it lasts.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bymr magpie December 8, 2020

this is a great game

I personally think this is a really good game. Its easy to play and very fun. The crewmates complete tasks and rat out impostors and the impostors kill the crewmates while trying to not be caught. Sure you kill people but its not like all of their guts and blood come pouring out, all you do is snap their neck, shoot, them, stab them, or put your tongue through their face. This might sound violent on the surface but its not in the game. The only small complaint I have is some people you this game as a dating app and cmon if your child is over 10 they won't care if someone swears and if they go to public school there is a 99% chance they know about reproduction and the human body. So if your child is over 9 or 10 let them get this game.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byMommacoo November 26, 2020

This is among kids

the chat is not the most appropriate, little bit of gore, and inappropriate names that you can call yourself. But it is so interactive though and they invented something called sus short for suspicious. I started to say it to a bit. It might get a bit addictive once you play it. But it is still a good game just if you are under the age 14 I would not look in chat because they can ask for your privacy

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byfirefury14620 February 21, 2021

Good intentions; poor execution

Buckle in boys, this is going to be a long one. This review is for parents, not kids. Kids, don’t read this please.

I would just like to preface this with the fact that I am a 20-year-old woman and have been playing multiplayer video games since I was in Kindergarten (early 2000s). I was also a victim of online child grooming and statutory rape.

To start, I would like to say that I think Among Us is a really awesome game and the concept is great. The game mechanics are easy to use (both on PC and mobile), the concept is well written, and the game itself is easy to follow.

The game is about a crew (4-10 people) on a damaged ship with 1-3 imposters who are trying to kill off the rest of the crew. The crew members have to complete tasks to fix different parts of the ship. The imposters have to kill off members of the crew without getting caught.

To win as crew, you can either vote out the imposter(s) or have everyone finish all their tasks. Even after dying as a crew member, you’re still able to finish tasks, but you are unable to talk in the chat or vote to help people figure out who the imposter is. To win as imposter, you have to kill enough people that the number of imposters equals the number of crew members. If there is more than one imposter, an imposter can get voted out while the other(s) are able to keep playing. The dead imposter can still sabotage, but they can’t kill.

Now, onto my problems with the game and why I gave it a 13+ rating.

One thing that I noticed immediately after joining my first public lobby is the absolute filth that comes from what I can only assume are small children. An 8-year-old (by his own admission) was trying to solicit contact information from a 6-year-old (by her own admission). He wanted to “date” her. However, he said things like, “I wanna fuck you so bad,” and “You’re my little whore.” That’s adult dirty talk and I can only guess where he learned it from.

I also see lots of swearing. I try to minimize my swearing when I’m in public lobbies (I don’t want to chance it), but others don’t give that same courtesy. If I want to curse, I play with my adult friends in a private lobby.

Speaking of private lobbies, it is possible to create a lobby that generates a unique code which you can give to people you know to play with them (and only them). There’s also an option for a local lobby, which requires all players to be on the same WiFi connection (great for family games).

Now, I would like to come back to the bit of information I shared about myself at the beginning.

I met the men (yes, there was more than one) who groomed me in video games and online chat rooms. This happened from the ages of 11-15. I never hid my age, these men knew what they were doing.

We obviously had a common interest (video games) so I was inclined to trust them (as kids tend to do). That led to many years of sexting and raunchy video calls. Eventually, one of them happened to be from the same area as me and convinced me to let him over to my house. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. This happened multiple times. It only ended when I was admitted to a mental hospital.

Sorry to bare my soul here but I needed to make this personal for you. Unfortunately, my story is not unique. I don’t care how much control you think you have over your children, it doesn’t matter. Strict parents make sneaky kids. I am a prime example of that. My parents were checking my messages regularly and had all my passwords to my accounts (at least, the ones they knew about). They monitored me and knew where I was all the time. This was not a failure in parenting; this was the power of the internet overwhelming the limited knowledge of the older generation.

If you want your young kids to play this game, great! It’s a fun game that teaches communication and teamwork. However, if they are under 13, restrict them to the local and private lobbies. No kid under 13 should be speaking with strangers over the internet. Period. I promise you don’t want you or your kid to learn that the hard way.

Among Us currently doesn’t have a report feature. That is supposed to be coming in the next patch when they release an accounts feature. Report bots are always terrible for the first few weeks/months, but they eventually get figured out.

If you’ve made it this far, I salute your patience and perseverance. I know this is long and not an easy read. However, someone needed to say it.

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Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byMary_Jones February 2, 2021


You can sensor chat, and it's mild cartoons. Fun!

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Ease of Play
Parent of a 9, 9, and 12-year-old Written bynaddd December 3, 2020

good game idea, but too much cursing

I love the idea of this game. A simple overview of this game is the crewmates are trying to finish their tasks and figure who the impostors are, and the impostors are trying to kill the crewmates. However, a lot of people in the chat use curse words. Some only meant to express it to the game situations, but there are some who curse to the respective person saying that their ****, and etc. There is once where (my younger child) have experienced a boy asking her to be his girlfriend or something.

This title contains:

Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byHi ya November 22, 2020
It's a really good game, altho some players might use foul language but hey that's the internet. Apart from others players using profain it's all good. Oh and let's say someone uses the f word it would be writing like this **** . Or maybe ****ing b****(the f word and b word). Yeah something like this and some people dont wanna see that
Adult Written byMellu2 October 5, 2020


I think it’s okay, it is a bit violent but no guns and no blood. The fun cartoons are cute and I think this is suitable for 9

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written byHaileyandmasonsdad February 23, 2021

Teaches lying

This is definitely not suitable for kids under 12. It teaches how to be sneaky and lying. Our son has started being extra sneaky and lying about things since he started playing. We had to stop the game play and have had conversations on why it's not good to lie and sneak around. He's almost 9 and is very smart so we didn't think much of it at first, but we noticed the gradual change over the next month. Definitely should wait until the kid is more emotionally mature.

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Privacy & Safety