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Less violent version of movie-based game uses strategy.


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Parent Written bycommonmom01 May 27, 2012

The Indruduction to Battle type games: Best Game for Strategizing Next Moves, After Each Turn.... The Ultimate Thinking Game!!!

Battleship board game has always been a game to help incourage thinking and strategizing your next move based on what the oponets move is. You also have to have patience while the other person is making their move. It is a turn-taking game. Should you defend, or should you attack after each move the other person makes? (Kind of like chess). You can play it with your child or they can play it with your friends. I do not know if it can be played online, but if it can, would not recomend them to play it online at a young age, or any age due to language, getting distracted, etc. The computer does a great job of mixing up moves. It is great for younger children that are interested in playing the interactive games. There is no blood, or scary graphics in this game. It is pretty 1980s-90s basic, the water moves with great graphics. The explosions of the battleships with each move is plain. (no people involved, plain smoke) It is alien force shield attack v.s. U.S. navy fleet missles. Each move is plain like the original battleship game. There is writing as if people are talking back and forth to eachother at the bottom that can help you to better determine how to make your next move. No bad language. No blood/ people on ships shown. Just ships that will be mildly blown up, then turn over in the water to show you have sunk a ship or that someone has sunk your ship. The goal is to get to the destination spot with as many of your original ships as possible while taking out the oponets ships. If you do not like the sound of the ships being blown up, you can turn off the sound and turn on some music instead, which is what we did.
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