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Flawed, bloody shooter has over-the-top action.

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age 14+
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Teen, 13 years old Written bycerealkiller189 February 25, 2012

Well worth the 60 bucks.

This game has total,relentless,over the top action and bloody violence,But it has so much your kids will get used to it.That dosent mean they're desensitised,I have this for my Xbox and PS3 (the ps3 version is 50 bucks) and I play it everyday for as long as I like.But I'm not violent.I don't have warped thoughts.I don't kill people.Maybe your kid is like me.Then again,this game is not for everyone.Thats why there's an M rating.Lets just say I understand perfectly well why they put the rating there and I'm just saying,it depends on the maturity,not the age.Every person varies.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Teen, 13 years old Written byironmaidenfan November 10, 2011

Mediocre game is fine for teens but not worth the $60

As far as M games go, i think that Bodycount really isn't too horrible. In fact I think the only reason its rated M is for one skippable cutscene where a man is shot at close range. Its a FPS where you shoot and can knife people but its so quick and goreless that it sounds much worse then it actually is. There is very mild cursing but nothing you wouldn't see on Terra Nova. As far as quality goes, I think its worth a rent but, little else. The campaign is short at 5-6 hours and the multiplayer is basically empty at the time. The game also is pretty generic and the story nonexistent. Your character doesn't even have a name. The game also tries to copy the skillshots from Bulletstorm but basically, they're just like normal shots like headshots and surprise attacks. Overall, I think that many teens could handle this game but I think its not worth a buy and not even a rent if your looking for multiplayer although, the single player is decent enough albeit too short.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Safety and privacy concerns