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Polished and fun RPG with mild violence, some mature themes.

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Teen, 16 years old Written byKeyboardingChihuahua June 26, 2014

A difficult but incredible JRPG

Bravely Default takes place in the fantasy world of Luxendarc, focusing on four protagonists: Tiz Arrior, Agnes Oblige, Edea Lee, and Ringabel. They end up traveling together for various reasons, Tiz: to help rebuild his destroyed village, Agnes: to fulfill her duty as a vestal (it's similar to a nun), Edea: to spite her father and his army, because she disproves of their violent and sadistic practices, and RIngabel because he is an amnesiac and has nowhere else to go. The story is quite deep and fleshed out, so are the characters. The game itself is quite difficult, actually, I started on normal difficulty but had to turn it down to easy. Which is saying something, because I have a lot of experience with RPG's. The combat system is fairly easy to pick up, although a younger kid will have a very hard time, as the game requires clever, intelligent, and strategic use of the system. You can't just spam and expect to win. Put it this way: it's not Pokemon. You do really have to plan out moves, consider all your options and opportunities, look for weaknesses, anticipate your enemies' actions, etc. It also has a very beautiful art style, and the characters are absolutely adorable. The whole game is eye candy. A treat to look at. And the soundtrack is amazing. Matter of fact, I have a lot of the game's music on my iPod. My only concern with appropriateness is that Ringbel is often going after women and flirting, there is also a sage that takes it further and invites Edea and Agnes in to bed with him. There's also a lot of talk of sexyness and sex appeal, and a few scenes focus on a very racy and skimpy bikini that one of the girls ends up wearing. None of it is extreme, there is no sex or nudity, and if your child is mature, they should be fine. The game is too lighthearted to make a huge deal out of those topics. Overall, though, it really is a great game. If you're looking for something to play, try Bravely Default.
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Teen, 13 years old Written byRedmage July 7, 2014

Good game for kids 10 and up

Parental guidance may be needed for some kids when playing, but it is appropriate for kids ages 10 and up
Teen, 15 years old Written byLucan1010 November 2, 2015

Excellent RPG in the classic style is surprisingly mature and deep.

Violence: combat is very mild, and enemies simply fade of the screen when defeated. Some sad deaths of characters, but rendered mildly. Mature themes are prevalent (but not seen) including genocide, biological warfare, sadistic villains and violent descriptions. Language: mild g-rated insults. Sex: tame romance and flirting between characters, some innuendo. In a twist that's very refreshing, characters do not wear revealing outfits. Alcohol: some references between drinking alcohol, and although characters appear to be young there actually all about 20. This game was a refreshing 60+ hours of nostalgia, and it managed to turn the repetitive game world into something marvelous: each time you explore the world, you learn more and more behind the past of the world, the past of the characters, and even begin to feel sorry for some of the villains, most of which aren't villains after all.
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Kid, 11 years old April 12, 2016


AGE I think it is best as 10 and up because 5th grade is the usual age when girls and boys learn puberty together. RATING Best. Game. EVER! OTHER Nothing
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Adult Written byCarlos M. September 23, 2016


The game has a beautiful soundtrack, amazing characters, and manages to be fun in general even with sensitive topics on the table, however, -1 star for around chapter 6 when you know what the next two hours of "progress" is going to be, overall, great game in general
Adult Written byjbee02 October 15, 2014

Great but very dark

It's a very good deep rpg. With great character customization and strategy, but parents beware. This game deals with some pretty dark themes. Religious discrimination, genocide, chemical warfare, and drug addiction. It doesn't glorify any of theses thing and doesn't show them directly but it. It either shows the after effects or has them happen of screen. This game is rated T for teen but in my opinion it's close to being M and it did get the equivalent of that rating in other countries. I would recommend not letting anyone younger than 15 or 16 play it, or at least talk to children about some of these issues as they appear in the game.
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