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Classic Real-Time-Strategy gameplay set in future.

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age 8+
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Teen, 13 years old Written byantihypocracy14 April 9, 2008

Well Done

It is the classic RTS game that has endured for more than a decade. And as with most war games, the main point not stressed enough in the ads is that war is he!!. The reason that this game is appropriate for kids my age is the lack of actual blood and gore. you actually have to look for it to find it in this game. so for all those people who comment on the blood and random bodies that get blown up- get real, war is brutal and games about it should reflect that.
Kid, 10 years old June 5, 2010

good for 11 year old or higher

I think comand and conquer tiberium wars is a fun and asoum game. It is violent but you safe the wourld at war with the Nods. it is a easy and fun atthe same time. if you like stratigy games you'd love comand and conuquer tiberium wars.
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Educational value
Great role models
Parent Written byPutchildrenfirst December 16, 2014

pg rating

This is like a simulated version of the traditional game battleship and appropriate for any child capable of playing the likes of chess
Parent Written bydabeava July 4, 2012


Warning: If you play as nod, in the video sequence character says he would "give his left nut".
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Too much swearing