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Destiny: House of Wolves

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age 11+


If your child gets bored easily he will fall asleep this expansion is ok. I got really bored. but other than the mood it isn't any worse than the original Destiny
age 11+


I really enjoy this dlc. So far - it's my favorite. The bad stuff is the same as usual, just shooting stupid aliens that run around in pajamas. Yeah, that stuff. In the cut scenes there is a scene where all of the awoken are on the floor, dead. But besides that it adds in a great extra in the reef, where you can battle rounds with your friends against aliens. Also, trials of osiris. A great 3 on 3 match, but you need to have three people on your fireteam, which means you can speak to them. You can mute them, but they'll often rage quit and you won't be able to play, because you need 3 people. Besides that stuff, it's a really good destiny dlc.

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