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Fun but hard platformer likely to frustrate younger players.

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age 13+
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Adult Written byJEDI micah August 28, 2014

DK on ice!

Everyone's favorite game ape is back, and more gorgeous than ever now in amazing HD! The game may be a little more challenging than the first one, but it's challenging enough for players to want to try to beat each level; and each level is beautifully designed! This is a great game for DK fans and Wii U owners!
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Easy to play/use
Too much violence
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Parent Written byFloralLover June 18, 2016

very hard and sexsit! not for kids!

first, the game has a haracter called dixie kong. why would the female character be called "dix"? and also she has a pikn beret and pink as well all know, is the color (not COLOUR) (briths people developed donkey kong 1 2 and 3) of lust, and thsi is the ionly female charcter in the gmae. alos the hame is vert hard and not for kids, also very scary with scar and sadd music i hop you foun thi revie helpful, it shoul not be rated e for diffucult
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much consumerism