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Historical battles on land and sea done right.

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Adult Written byReviewr September 27, 2009

Cool game

This game is awsome i recomend it 12+, it's a game where you can learn about History after around an hrs play i got stuck into it, it took me 30 mins to get to know the basics, i rate it 15.9 / 20.00 It doesn't cost much, i got mine at: Just make an account and do the offers, it should take 20 mins to get the points to buy the game, it's a trusted website mcaffee knows about this website. And even they support it. What are you waiting for?
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Kid, 12 years old February 1, 2012

There's no blood

Maybe in a mod there's blood but I've played this since I was 10 and <3 it. privacy may be a problem if you play online but only what you put in chat. It has so much educational stuff you couldn't list it. From the Revolutionary to different languages. This game basically simulates what people did back then, killing for land. I advise you let children 9 and up to play based on their maturity. Now this is getting a little long so I have one more thing to say. Do a review on M2TW one of my favorite games.
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Adult Written byBeats June 22, 2009

You need to play this

This is, quite literally, the best thing ever. Everyone needs to experience this for themselves. Any student of history needs this.
Teen, 14 years old Written byMrHistory76 September 3, 2011

Fantastic for history/strategy buffs, learn alot about European, Indian, and American history and geography

This is an excellent grand strategy title for anyone who likes strategy or history! Its a must have! I'm a 14 year old history buff and I played this for almost 2 years before getting even remotely bored, then there is the mods that improve historical accuracy and gameplay 5x. Its like a sandbox for the 18th century, and its fun to be a small nation like Prussia and rise up and conquer the world. A small flaw in the game though is that AI nations will either be stuck in neutral and never advance militarily or become a juggernaut on steroids and conquer you in two turns. Also the stubborn diplomacy AI could be worked around as neighboring nations will never agree to anything and will become hostile indefinitely for no reason. Apart from that, the game is a fantastically epic masterpiece with high initial educational value and you will learn a load about geography and history as well as military strategy. My recommendation for this is a massive behemoth.
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Educational value
Teen, 14 years old Written bypear40 February 27, 2010

Great game for tweens and above.

Awesome game. There's definitely a lot of educational value in the game. I think the game is definitely the best Real Time Strategy I've ever played. As for the content of the game, I'd say it's fine. There's death, but no blood or gore. There are some references to tobacco, as you can own a plantation, but that's just a fact of history. While I say this game is appropriate for people above ten, I think the average ten year old wouldn't get much enjoyment from it. It's a lot of strategic thinking, which may bore younger players. Overall though, excellent game, with beautiful graphics on a higher end machine.
Teen, 16 years old Written byDoctor Quackery August 23, 2011

I speak the truth of this mind blowing game!

Yeah... the game has no blood or gore unless you have the certain, change that in the "What Parents Need to Know" passage. My brother is 9 and he plays this, and is lively as ever. I love this game.
Teen, 14 years old Written bybacon June 24, 2009
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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models