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Tough, fresh strategy game is like Civilization in space.


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Kid, 12 years old May 26, 2013

"I'd play this over Master Of Orion 2 any day"

If you've played Master Of Orion 2, Civilization or SMAC/SMAX then this will be very similar to you. It's a very well done 4X strategy game and for a game developer's first game, it does not disappoint, at all, and I like it. It takes a lot from other 4X strategy games and modernizes it so people used to playing games from this generation will find the interface easy to use and very intuitive. The ship design and 3D graphics and an absolute treat to the eyes aswell. If you like Master Of Orion 2, PLAY THIS GAME, NOW.
Teen, 16 years old Written by555123 July 10, 2013

Proper Gamers' Review

Endless Space is an unique and great experience which patient gamers and casual players will enjoy. The multiplayer highlights the gameplay. This game can be played by anyone due to its well-done and simple controls. The gameplay is turn based and slow-paced and is about advancing a pre-made race or your own, choosing your races' attributes. The games' military strategy is basic and the equivalent to Civilizations. 4/5 Stars Quality 4/5 Positive Messages = 1/5, Teaches players to be patient and to plan ahead Positive Role Models = Non Ease of Play = 4/5, Amazingly simple and well done controls. It can't get any more simple and easy than it is. Game can be played without using the keyboard. Violence = 1/5, Ship combat which you do not have control of. Sex = Non Language = Non Consumerism = Non Drinking, Drugs, And smoking = Non Privacy and Safety = 1/5, Nothing to worry about if your kids are socially mature. Customization = 1/5, Very basic and could of been a lot more. Currently your only allowed to choose your races' attributes. Multiplayer = 3/5, Well done with very friendly and patient community. No features are removed or expanded in multiplayer. What kid
Teen, 15 years old Written byStarscore August 8, 2012

I will buy!!!

This review and videos of this game made we want 2 buy this game. It looks fun, challenging, and a smart take on the strategy genre of games! I will buy this game soon, i believe everybody should buy this game.
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