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An outstanding role-playing game -- for adults.

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Teen, 17 years old Written bywdl19 June 16, 2009

Amazing game, Must buy!

this was an absolutely amazing game that you can do almost anything you please, i had lots of fun blowing everything up! btw, you can get this game for free at
Teen, 13 years old Written byjustaguy June 16, 2009

Great RPG

true this game is gory that's a major fail in this web but the story in this game is outstanding I still can't get over how sad it happens to your character, anyways unless you don't know you can use V.A.T.S to lock on targets and blow limbs off but that's just it if you DON'T use it it'll rarely happen, and unfortunately on a scale of swearing in this game 1-10 it gets a 7.9 or around there but it can be lowered to an about 5 if you choose to be good instead of evil.
Teen, 13 years old Written byMASTACHIEFPWN June 5, 2009

very enjoyable and time consuming game

well first off, the violence is under prospective of what role you take (good, Bad, or Nutrual). the game has a long compeling storyline and good for rpging and is not very kid friendly
Teen, 13 years old Written byZacef May 27, 2009

Awesome Game!

Ok some people are just being too critical about this game. I am only 13 and I have played it. There is hardly any Sexual Content (a woman says that she can reat you a room) and any of it is avoidable and wouldn't take away from the experience. It is a great game!! Sure, The V.A.T.S system may allow you to stop time and watch you shoot some person or thing's head off, but if you have watched any movie that contains blood, then you are fine! Parents shouldn't have their kids excluded from this game until they are old enough to fit the 17+ rating, because then the game would be impossible to get anywhere and your child would miss out on one of the best games ever. This is a must play for anyone who likes FUN, INTERACTIVE, AND ALL OUT AWESOMENESS.
Adult Written byGamePlayer12 May 7, 2009

A Great Game!

Fallout 3, Is a outstanding RPG. So much to do... Over 100 hours of gameplay, And (Xbox Live And PC Users) DLC packs which add 4-5 hours of gameplay and a new place to explore. The Violence, Extreme... V.A.T.S. mode lets you go into slow motion to watch heads,arms, and legs get blown into pieces. You can also (with a strong weapon) Blow enemies to pieces. Drug Content, Fake names for drugs in the real world. Like Med-X for example. Its Morphine in the real world. You can get addicted to these drugs. You can buy drugs from Junkies and Store Owners. Sexual Content, Not to bad.. You would have to search to find small Things. But not over the top. Well Fallout 3 is a great RPG and should be owned by Mature RPG fans.
Teen, 13 years old Written byRyan12345330 May 5, 2009


There is a perk in the game that dismembers all limbs when you kill an enemy. Yes, the game is VERY GORY, so if you don't want to see people's heads fly off, don't get this game.
Teen, 15 years old Written byunknown8000 April 27, 2009


Okay so normally i have someone behind me always saying oh thats disgusting or what was that and why are you playing this but this game was not the case. She was loving it, it intrigued her and she said the blood and gore even though plenty doesnt bother her because the game is so amazing. So what does that tell you? The game is great and who gives about some blood and an f word ever so often get over it invite the whole famdamly and enjoy a great game.
Adult Written byKennedyNewMedia April 17, 2009

Fallout 3: Its Amazing What You Build With Duct Tape

Fallout 3 – The latest entry into one of the most lauded RPG franchises for their brutal re-tellings of humanity’s attempt to survive the apocalypse. Bethesda Softworks, creators of the Elder Scroll’s chapters Morrowind and Oblivion have stepped up to take a swing at a series that many thought to be long-dead, this writer included. Having completed both Fallouts 1&2, I could easily draw many parallels between Fallout 3’s predecessors, however this is no sequel. It is as complete a re-telling as Fallout 2 was from Fallout. How did Bethesda do? FInd out by reading the rest of the review at:
Adult Written byKT427 April 10, 2009

Pretty good game (HUGE environment).

One of the only things I don't like about the game is the fact that, unlike GTA IV (where you also have a big environment), you have to trudge across the whole place ON FOOT, which can get pretty boring. Body parts explode into gore, a lot of violence, obvious uses of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco (although never seen), naked statues, and some suggestively dressed women. Good game, but NOT FOR KIDS.
Teen, 14 years old Written byNoahowns March 18, 2009


A lot of people take this game too seriously... Drugs: There are no real drugs! They have fake names! It's no nig deal! Sex: If you look hard enough I guess you could find some sexual themes but I've been playing this for a while and it's not that bad at all Language: A lot of parents are stupid, yes I'm talking to you! By 6th grade I'd say the average kid has been around a lot of this stuff and knows why more than you think! Violence: Okay, this is very explicit but who cares? You're not going to get emotionally distrubed for life. Just let them play it! They know a lot more than you think!
Teen, 15 years old Written byalexa_renee March 3, 2009

The most fantastic RPG, yet!

This game is such a great game! It is an extremely in depth role play game. The game takes place 200 years after a nuclear war and has great graphics! Fallout 3 is not appropriate for youngsters. It has sexual content, STRONG language, and very gory killings. I recommend this game, but only if you are mature and realize its just a game.
Teen, 15 years old Written bymuffinman795 February 23, 2009


Fallout 3 is a special videogame. It's an open-world role-playing game that delivers an experience unlike anything on the market right now. It's a gripping and expansive showcase of how much depth and excitement can be packed into one videogame, and it does justice to the Fallout franchise. This sequel is the first made by Bethesda, the developers responsible for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. You don't need to play any of their past games or any previous Fallout games to enjoy this one. It stands on its own as a memorable and well-crafted videogame. The Fallout universe paints a picture of a dystopian future. It exists in what people on the cusp of the atomic revolution in the 1950s saw as the sci-fi world of tomorrow…if several thousand nuclear bombs were dropped on it. It's a quaint sci-fi view of a future filled with atomic cars, robot servants, and incredibly basic computer terminals. A nuclear war has taken away most of these technological comforts, providing the backdrop for a game with a dreary, desperate atmosphere filled with glib and dark humor. It's a world that is both fantastic and somehow believable. And it is one that's exciting to explore. You play as the Vault Dweller, a blank slate for you to write your story on. The game begins with your birth and then quickly moves through childhood with snapshots of pivotal events, such as the day you get your Pip-Boy 3000. It's a cleverly veiled character creation and tutorial sequence that sets the backdrop of the story. You live in Vault 101, a bunker designed to keep its occupants alive through the nuclear war that ravaged the surface. However, this vault didn't reopen when the war finished and as the opening cinematic informs you, it is here you will die because nobody ever enters or leaves Vault 101.
Teen, 17 years old Written byafrodude February 19, 2009

fallout 3

fallout 3 is a great game.anyone over or at the age of 10 should be aloud to play has a lot of swearing and a few sexual scenes and content.
Teen, 14 years old Written bychild with sense February 17, 2009

Amazing game

Ok look i beaten fable 2. i sold it to get fallout. everyone i have talked to agrees fable is worse. and obviously you have to look pretty hard to find the sexual content that perverted persons talking about. if you trust your kid not to look for it, even though that pervert just gave every one that comes on here directions to the "whore house", they will be fine. and like the one guy said, they here worse language everyday at school if there even in 4th grade. this game is amazing and safe.
Teen, 17 years old Written byHamoodi123 February 15, 2009

Ughh! Common Sense is too much!!!

First off I am 12 and I play this. Now some might not think this but Common Sense takes reviews TOOO Far. They can say whatever they want but it's not up to them it's up to the parent. And my mom watched me play it for a while and she said there is nothing wrong with it. This game is the best game i have ever played in my life. Why do you think it has won so many awards at E3 video gameconvention.
Adult Written byTurtleNinja February 5, 2009

Yes, there are sexual themes

Although this game has some great features, it most definitely has sexual them throughout. You can start by looking at the various types of “armor” the females wear. And the kid who said there’s no sex, he obviously hasn’t been to the Raider Camp with the Super Mutant – go inside the main building there’s a strip club (no dancers on the poles) and on the way up to the whore-house there are two mannequins with giant red lights for “tops” (I tried, you can’t blow the perverted stuff up, which ticked me off) In the whore house, you run into a few people, all in their underwear and rooms with beds make it VERY obvious what goes on in there. Also, in one of the guardhouses (same camp) you walk in to see a Raider coming downstairs and you find a woman in “sexy nightwear” laying on the bed up stairs. Oh, and what’s the deal with the naughty nightwear upping your speech?!?! Talk about a great message there… I can keep going, but for anyone who cares about this kind of stuff, you’ve gotten the picture, this game is NOT FOR CHILDREN, or anyone with an impressionable mind.
Kid, 12 years old January 4, 2009


The story line is great and very fun. A must have RPG; probably the second best in existence (First is Oblivion). There is alot of violence but its not too bad. You can have sex if you talk to Nova in Megaton (In the Saloon) but it doesnt show it. You can decapitate body parts but its cool :P. I love it.
Teen, 15 years old Written byAnonymoose January 1, 2009


I've never seen any sex in this game and I know there isn't any.
Teen, 15 years old Written bytcpballa93 December 22, 2008

the parents choice

Ok so i got this about a week ago and i love this, but this is content not how fun it is. Message, it depends i always play the good guy so not really relevant to me but i know some choices are hard to make, there are themes such as slavery, drugs and alchol, and sex. Violence extremely violent, its fun to see the gore but i knoe it may not be appropriate for all. I honestly think that its all up to the parents, not all kids are going to be tramhuatized for life, my parents trust me with games and look into them before they buy them.
Kid, 12 years old December 13, 2008

not really whores just people who rent you a bed.

It's an awesome game yes you kill people but mostly Raiders, Slavers, Mutants and Zombies but that's if your good. The game uses Karma which is do good things and good things happen do bad things and bad things happen so you have a reason to save Megaton other than the many sweet quests available from saving it and the info on your missing pop.