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Creative premise but violent, repetitive play.

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age 12+
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Teen, 13 years old Written byDraven844 January 18, 2011

ESRB: making game ratings right?

Long story short: this game is fine for teens. Noting bad in it really
Teen, 15 years old Written byMedia45 April 9, 2008
Teen, 15 years old Written bysamcantin December 28, 2008

Common Sense is exagerrating

The game should have probably been rated Teen, but I guess the ESRB has problems with games that involve gunning people down and seeing a bit of blood. No, really, most of the time you kill some creatures/monsters and a few times you need to kill humans. The graphics are pretty bad but the gameplay is creative and solid and overall, besides some blood and some mild cussing, geist is a game with T rated violence.
Teen, 15 years old Written bypatlaboon April 9, 2008

Hey its not that bad!

You guys are making Geist sound so bad! In all Geist is a fun, first person shooter that is nothing in blood and gore compared to other shooters (timesplitters FP.) Plus if some of you are worried about the nudity, just read the review, the girl is coverd with suds and its one brief moment of the game. I think Geist should of been rated Teen.