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Cute, open-ended farming series adds more customization.


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Teen, 15 years old Written byScreennameGirl January 19, 2013

Fun and Easy Game

This is a nice, easy to play game. It is possible to hit animals with tools, but not encouraged. You can also love and marry people. There is nothing graphic or inappropriate. This is an amazing game! You can take care of animals and raise crops. It is fun and super easy!
Kid, 12 years old August 30, 2014


It has some learning because you learn how to take care of animals this way. You can also get married. Boys can marry: Felicity, Iroha, Yuri, Tina, Michelle or The Witch Princess. Girls can marry: Neil, Allen, Rod, Soseki, Sanjay and Amir. I'm currently married to Neil and expecting a child. Once you get married you build the child's bed and you trigger the pregnancy event. Eventually you give birth. The child goes through stages: Baby, Crawler, Child and Temporary Teenager. However, there are some sad parts. Breaking up. Your boyfriend/girlfriend may break up with you, and this triggers the breakup scene. Death. The farm animals you raise may die in the morning when you make up. Very sad music plays when this happened. In Harvest moon Grand bazzar, when this happened to my chicken, I CRIED. However, if you have a high bond with them or if you save before the death, it may survive the next morning. Stress. Animals can get stressed out if you hit them with tools, neglect them, or leave them out in snow storms, tycoons or rain. Once stress builds up you must give them medicine, or the death scene will trigger and they die. Pets (Cats, dogs horses) live forever I guess: They only get fat when stressed out.
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