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Kid, 10 years old April 9, 2008


booo!this game stinkz
Kid, 8 years old April 9, 2008

i laughed!

It's good for children all age's to watch this it's no bad at all it's funny.If you like it your are on my side.tell me if you like it the game is super fun you shold ask your mom or dad to get you a ds.
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

i cried i laughed

i think that high school usical id a great educational movie that alllows kids to get out and have fun also get involve in sports
Kid, 9 years old April 9, 2008


BOO! I hate this irritating game and after 5-minutes flushed it down the toilet. Bye-bye High School Musical!
Teen, 14 years old Written byzacipooiloveyou April 9, 2008

great game

its a great game, don't listen to the freaks who just write bad reveiws because they don't like high school musical.