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Parent reviews for Hitman: Blood Money

Common Sense says

Killer stealth action that's only for adults.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 14+
Based on 14 reviews

Kids say

age 13+
Based on 18 reviews
Adult Written bySnakeSnakeSnake October 16, 2015

The 007 of video games

The Hitman series is a lot like the James Bond franchise. The tone, the violence, the stereotypes, the sexualization, it's all the same really. If your kid can handle a James Bond movie, she/he can handle Hitman.

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Ease of Play
Parent Written byTheOneThatKnows March 3, 2014
This game is very good and I recommend it.
It has no stupid content in it like GTA 5 or saints row 3.
You can turn of graphic content.

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Ease of Play
Parent of a 12 year old Written byVlad22 July 20, 2013

I don't say "M"

I suppose a "12+" or "T" rating is ok. It only shows kills and bikini... if your child played Counter Strike ever, let him play with trust.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byGamePlayer12 March 19, 2009

A Fun Game But NO KIDS!!

Hitman is a fun and a addicting game. You have missions to kill and you choose how to kill them. But of course the bad stuff about this game: The Violence, You can shoot,stab,choke and poisin almost anyone in the game. Every mission always has someone to kill and choices to kill innocent people along the way. The Sexual Content, This game doesnt have horrible sexual content but you have options to undress someone once u kill them to get there clothes. leaving them dead in there underwear. there is strippers with pimps in missions that you can choose to kill them. Drug Content, There is one mission where you have to kill a leader of a big drug bussiness i think it may be the first mission. but there is people smoking weed in groups which u kill them all right there if you choose. Nudity, i dont know why they put nudity but theres a couple of ladys in bikinis that you have to kill.. i know this is a very violent game. The Langauge, In the first mission theres non stop f*** and others. But then later on the language slows down more but still theres good bit of language in this say 17 and up. DO NOT GIVE THIS TO KIDS
Adult Written byvader123 February 14, 2009

great bloody game

this is a great game but it is very bloody, violent and sexual you can shoot someone with blood splatter and blood pools on the floor after the kill. Women are seen in bikinis showing their butts and their is porn in the plot. Language is rarely used but when its used its strong from fuck to shit and racial slurs like cracker. Great graphics but graphic violence. Amazing game
Adult Written byseto006 April 9, 2008

Fun, Violent game isn't for kids AT ALL!!!

Hitman is a game that redifines the Stealth Series! It's the funnest stealth game since Metal gear Solid 3! Now, there is quite a bit of sexuality, but not so much that no one under 15 would be discusted. The Violence is VERY intense, as there are tons of ways to kill people, and take out your targets, but, it adds to the fun! There is language, but it's pretty rare. Now, You are a Hired Assassin, so make sure your kids DO NOT think of 47 as a role moddle. There is lite drinking, but you can drug anyone in the whole game. It does offer Educational Values, as puzzle solving and Using your brian, but because it's almost all for killing people, it's nothing you would want your kids learning. Plus, The Trail and Error gameplay makes it frusterating, BUT, more realistic. Overall, Unless you're sure your child can handle it, DON'T GET HIM THIS! Mabey for yourself, though.
Adult Written byAndy P April 9, 2008

Can be a very fun and cinematic experience, if you can handle the content.

If you're a fan of the series, the latest installment won't disappoint. While you can, as always, run through the mission and kill everyone in your path, the game will reward you for remaining incognito to eliminate the target. You can accomplish this by knocking an NPC out and hiding the body, stealing disguises to gain access to different areas, and making the hit look like an accident. New to the series is a notoriety system. The more evidence and witnesses you leave behind, the easier it will be for guards to detect you in future levels. Also new to the series is a reward and weapon upgrade system. While the bulk of the money you make is for simply completing the assignment, you will earn extra for finishing the mission quietly. The money can be used to purchase upgrades for your five standard weapons (Silverballers, MP5, M4, SP12 Shotgun, and W2000 Sniper). The game's graphics aren't bad, but if you have the PC version (and a high-end PC), you can change the graphics settings to look superb. The only negative thing you could is that the Artificial Intelligence isn't very smart, and some of the animations are broken.
Adult Written byJim H. April 9, 2008

Not as excessive as the rating says

Aside from the variety of deaths you may inflict with the large array of weapons, I do not see the other "rating reasons" as much of an issue. In the way of language there are 2 F***s and and a handful of S***s. I do not consider this game to have any nudity, unless you consider women in bikinis and skimpy clothing "in the nude". As for the drugs you have poison which you can use to cause immediate death and poison gas grenades. As I see it, as long as violence and some language does not bother you, this game is OK.
Adult Written byCanadianMan April 9, 2008

Good Game

Game is Really Good I only said T for Teen Cause the game is probly to hard for the average kid under 13
Adult Written byJacob15 April 9, 2008

Gaming at its best.

Hitman: Blood Money places gamers once again in the role of the world's

greatest assassin, Agent 47. When assassins from Agent 47's contract

killing firm, The ICA, are systematically eliminated in a series of hits, it

seems a larger more powerful agency has entered the fray. Sensing that

he may be the next target, Agent 47 travels to America, where he

Prepares to Make a Killing.

The Hitman series has never been repetitive, it was never boring, it was

unique and challenging. Agent 47 is a ruthless killer and he will never stop

killing for money... Blood money, which ironically is the name for his new

game, Hitman Blood Money. The story is relatively simple, but to

understand it fully, you should play the previous games first, but it isn’t a

big deal if you’ve missed them. Anyway, the story is told through Jack

Alexander’s point of view, he’s telling his story to Rick Henderson (a

journalist) and saying that every single assassination and murder on big

crime lords isn’t a coincidence and isn’t your average hitman, he’s

convinced that it’s the legendary Agent 47...a myth. The news papers are

the primary sources for agent 47's killings, and Jack is trying to find and

kill agent 47. But how can you kill a man who isn’t there? A man who can

never be seen...A ghost...A myth.

The graphics are stunning, Eidos really wanted to make the environments

feel alive, and they did. The open environments are what really make

these graphics stand out, and they are so incredible to look at. Excellent

textures on everything, weapons, boxes, walls, buildings, vehicles,

characters (I had no idea agent 47 was so built up) etc... in some

missions there are over 500 people on screen and the game doesn’t get

choppy. There are a lot of similarity’s between the characters, but a lot of

times they look different. You get a good ambiance when your in most

missions, for example, when your doing the Mardi Gras mission, you get

a sense that there’s a big party going on, simply because of the amount

of people on screen, another mission involves being in a private

area/street/suburb where there are only big houses and rich people living

there, you walk around and see people gardening, jogging, garbage men

taking out the garbage etc... The cut scenes are also very well done.

Overall, excellent graphics.

The sounds are amazing, from music to sound effects. The sound effects

are very well done, when you fire a weapon onto a cement wall, dry wall,

wood etc... it sounds exactly as if your doing just that, when you choke a

guy and hear bones cracking it sure sounds real, and makes you happy.

Every single aspect of sound is greatly done. The voice overs are most of

the time very well done, but it might happen that once or twice during

certain missions you’ll hear stupid conversations and notice that every

single cop is talking french (in Paris) and when you go in a restricted area

they tell you to get french, but out of nowhere you end up in a

room and you take out your gun they end up yelling at you in English,

strange? Maybe... Or when they talk they sound like there mouth is

stuffed with food and you can berley hear them. The cut scene voice

overs are very well done, sometimes they might sound a little low or

fussy, but berley noticeable, overall the cut scenes are very well done.

The music is also extremely well done, the fantastic orchestral music is

incredibly well done, kinda sounds like church music sometimes but with a

little kick. The music changes when you’ve done something right or

wrong, which is great. Overall, great sounds.

The gameplay is the same as the previous games, and we all know that

its fun gameplay. Although your not a spy, you definetly do spy actions.

You are a hitman/assassin, that means you must kill the target anyway

you can, get the job done. You must descuise yourself a lot, you must set

traps, rig objects etc... keep this in mind, your best friend isn’t your

pistol, its your fibre wire, this game is about using the least weaponry

possible. Every time before a mission you’ll get a choice between

weapons to carry along with you, but they just get in your way because

when a guard searches you he’ll find the pistol (or smg, shotgun etc...),

but they don’t find your syringe poison or mines of fibre wire. Most of the

missions you can kill your target several ways, some missions lets you

poison there drink or food, let’s you rig something and blow something

heavy to crush your target. You must hide every single body you kill,

because if you kill someone and leave them on the floor, a guard or

civilian will see it and report it, they might even find out who that dead

person is and know what clothes he was wearing before you stole it and

your costume will be comprimised. If you want you can go all rambo on

everybody , but it just makes the missions a little tougher. If you make

the hit look like an accident(ex: someone’s weight lifting and you choke

them with the weight bar, then the cops will think the bar fell on him, or if

you push someone off a balcony, there considered a jumper..) You’ll get

a couple of gamer scores also. There’s a notoriety feature in which if you

get cought killing someone, then after a mission you’ll have to pay off the

people who saw you and when you do pay them off, then they’ll forget

about you. The only problem I thought about the game is that sometimes

it gets difficult, you can’t find your target( or it just takes a really long

time) or you don’t know how to kill your target without getting cought or

avoiding suspission. Overall, great gameplay.

Overall this game is amazing and shouldn’t be missed for fans of the

series, or just stealth action games. You won’t be disapointed.
Adult Written byrdv128k April 9, 2008

Themes are too mature for many children

This was a challenging game, which I found had themes too mature for children under 12. Unless you have a very mature child, they might not understand the social implications of this kind of behavior, as it does glorify killing for money. That being said, for people 13+, the game was challenging, with a good plot and fun gameplay, which involves a lot of strategy.
Adult Written byyetijones April 9, 2008

A challenge in a new light

One of the most challenging games I have played to date. The opera house took my friend and I nearly 4 hours to figure out to perfection. If you want your to challenge your child's mind to overcome very possible situations (if your child was a professional assassin that is), then you should buy this game for them!
Adult Written bysaintcharlie April 9, 2008

Very fun!

I first played this game about a week ago and it hooked me. This game is fun but can be hard at times. You need to be careful when letting your kids play it, if your kid is mature they should be able to handle it. The story line isnt all that important so you can just mute the videos and you dont have to worry about the cussing. Of course its violent and there is a level when you go to a "playboy-like" mansion, but all of the girls are covered and there is never any full nudity. Very fun.
Adult Written bymdog April 9, 2008

Okay for teen

I played the xbox 360 version and it seemed very violent. If you customize your pistol you can get it to shoot rapid fire and it just murders anybody who gets in its way. Many time you hear people pleading to you not to kill them. Also in one part to kill one of your target you have to put a drug into his drink that makes him horney so he will go have sex and then you can kill him with nobody knowing. In one point you kill the vice-president. Commonsense's review seem like the just played the first level and quit after that. Good overall game.