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Mega teen band's likeability gets lost in lackluster game.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byTickleMeFrosty January 1, 2010

Something To Do

I just recently bought the game (being a JB fan) thinking that it was going to be bad, since some games based off of shows or movies aren't very good anyways. I admit, the game is poorly constructed. However, it is a perfect pastime, and it is a little fun. What could be done better about this game are graphics (the animation is pretty poor, and a little creepy), and maybe more vairity. The stoires are almost exactly the same. And earning the money is a little scary too (get fans to chase you and risk getting your clothes ripped off, but play a guitar chord and earn the "golden hearts" or money).
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Teen, 14 years old Written byEspumaMarina August 21, 2010

Well, if its a rainy day and the powers out...

They made them a game..... in-trest-ing. Well, I guess if your bored, its okay. But I dont see why they must turn into, gutair picks, dolls, posters, bobble heads, sunglasses, billboards, t-shirts, shoes, backbacks, folders, cups, hats, movies, interview books..... okay, I'm done sorry. Its just, they seem (the companies not Jobros) they have such a strong lust for money they're desperate to turn there new money makers into every object created, I'm almost suprised they didnt paint their pictures on an airplane.
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Too much consumerism