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Disappointing dino adventure has blood and scares.

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Kid, 12 years old July 1, 2014

No blood

This is a cool game.If there was blood in this game,it would be rated m.There is also a super bad word that a lady says in Spanish.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent Written bysherlock1701 November 19, 2014

Clean but badly made

Well, if you let your kids watch John Wayne at eight or nine (as I did growing up), then this game is considerably less violent and bloody. I'm honestly confused as to why this is even rated T, it should be E10+. The sexuality is mild and at worst par with anything kids begin to encounter at school at this age (let's be realistic here). That said, you still shouldn't buy it. It's barely classifiable as a game, it's more like a series of QTEs (interactive video clips where you mash buttons, press a thumbstick, etc, with little to no direct control over the gameplay). I'd suggest buying the Jurassic Park movies instead. You'll get the same experience without the letdown.
Adult Written byvalentinD August 28, 2016

I love this games

the old kids can to play with it same if it's a little rudes.
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Easy to play/use
Too much swearing
Teen, 15 years old Written byTangyTigerShark April 26, 2016


this game is just amazing i literally played it for the deaths no joke the deaths arent very violent
What other families should know
Too much violence
Kid, 8 years old June 10, 2015

Awful, and gory game is insanely violent but dull and hard.

My rating:M for strong graphic violence.
Parent Written byzeontestpilot December 11, 2013

Finally, a decent Jurassic Park Game!

To start off, this reviewer is a massive Jurassic Park fan, so I am reviewing from that perspective. I also enjoy first-person shooter games a lot as well. That being said this game is a fine video game, but is not a video game in a traditional sense. Staying very true to the source material, the game plays like a interactive movie. When a choice/decision needs to be made, the player can choose what to do next. This is entertaining and can be relaxing at times, compared to a fast-paced scroller or shooter. What this game lacks in is that your choices don't really affect game-play or the story, which is quite sad. One simply wrong move (or the timing of pressing a button) can lead to your death at the hands of a dinosaur. Frustrating as it may by, who doesn't enjoy some good Dino-carnage? Its a great game, but not for everyone. It is a good change of pace form all the shooters out there though. And its better than any of the other Jurassic Park games as well.