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Set of classic kids games may be more fun for older players.

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age 9+
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Teen, 13 years old Written byToonamiFan13 July 8, 2013

Perfect for any Kirby fan

Here's what you get in this package: 6 classic Kirby games, a booklet going through the franchise's history, 3 episodes of the anime (one of the only good things to come out of 4Kids), the soundtrack of the games, and extra challenge levels designed in a similar way to "Kirby's Return to Dreamland" (another great game). So if you know someone who loves Kirby, this is perfect for them.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Kid, 10 years old July 9, 2013

He's That Super Tuff Pink Puff!

Kirby is a good and appropriate game series For some games 7-10 and up. The only parts with blood is when you beat Zero, and when you fight 02 he has blood dripping from his eye, and there is blood where Zero's eye comes out and the Sword ability when you hit enemies with it there is a little blood strike. The reason I marked this as drinking, it is not because Kirby is drunk or anything, but one of the heath items is a bottle of wine. Fun Fact: Kirby's Dream Collection is a prequel to Kirby's Return to Dream Land, because of the classic games, and a NEW video game called Kirby: New Challenge Stages, and takes place between the middle of Kirby's Return of Dream Land.
What other families should know
Easy to play/use
Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent Written byrhiannap May 20, 2015

Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition

Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition is a compilation of six older Kirby games that include mild cartoon violence. Kirby is a pink blob who swallows fantastical enemies to absorb their abilities, so much of the combat is pretty tame. However, he occasionally wields semi-realistic weapons -- including a sword -- and one battle against a giant eye includes reddish damage that could be interpreted as blood. It's worth noting, too, that kids may grow frustrated by the restrictive, antiquated controls, which don't feel as comfortable or forgiving as those found in modern platformer games. Recommended for ages 3 years and up
Teen, 13 years old Written byDr.Robotnik September 5, 2014

Alarming about the blood? NOT.

Sure,make a big deal out of the blood. IT'S ON THE ESRB DECRIPTION. It's no suprise! Everybody is already alarmed about it when they first buy the game.
What other families should know
Easy to play/use