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Short remake of classic platformer with some mild violence.

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age 5+
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Kid, 10 years old June 5, 2009

Not So Sure. . .

I've never played this. And never maybe will. I was hoping for a pokemon-ish story, but this appears to be your average adventure game. I'd like to see a warrior cats game with a pokemon-ish backgriund, such as battling cats and defeating Tigerstar like defeating Cyrus.
Kid, 11 years old April 25, 2010

its ok

there's nothing much to say about klonoa. i never played the classic. so when i got this i thought it would be a fun game. i was half right. the game play was great. the platforming elements worked well. the story was..... ok. the game was way to short. it worked well for portal but not for this. dont look at my review and say " oh he is just hating on the game" keep in mind im 13 so i was looking for more that this game. overall i cant give a good score as this game wasn't made for me. but because i need to give a score i give it 3 stars. this game is meant for young kids 7 to 10. rent this game first. if you/your kid likes it then buy in