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This lunar experience is deeper than many console games.

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Teen, 15 years old Written bySynchronicity January 30, 2009

Ambitious game that gets it right

Moon is from Renegade Kid, who developed the horror-FPS Dementium: The Ward. I have actually played that game, unlike CSM, and it's quite good. But Moon improves on the Renegade engine used in Dementium, and looks extremely realistic for a DS game, with a frame rate of 60fps. The story's also a very good one: in the year 2057, you are a man named Major Kane, the leader of a task force sent to the moon to open up a sealed hatch that was found while men on the moon were excavating objects. The gameplay is innovative, because you move with the d-pad, look around by sliding your stylus across the touch screen, shoot with the L button, and open doors, etc. with the R button. Objectionable content is minimal. There's typical FPS violence, but unlike Dementium, Renegade Kid's previous game, there's no blood; also, there are minor drug references involving your main source to regain health, and the first time you use it, you pass out (just like tobacco), but you basically get used to it. Overall, Moon is a very good game, just like Dementium: The Ward, and I can only wonder what other innovative FPS experiences Renegade Kid will create. Thumbs up.
Teen, 13 years old Written bys.stormer July 15, 2011

Solid ds game

One of the few ds games I like.It is a fps but has a mild amount of violence.Much less than star wars in my opinion.It has laser guns and robot slaying so to say.It says the d-word once or twice but my mom(a teacher) let's my little brother play it.
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