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Parent reviews for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Common Sense says

Frantic, mature action is fun despite content issues.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 12+
Based on 56 reviews

Kids say

age 12+
Based on 52 reviews
Adult Written bySam Marrick July 17, 2017

It has officially been rated T by ESRB. Unnofficial Steam M rating is innacurate. Community aside (just mute them) its just basic non graphic blood puffs

Most of your playtime will be nonviolent running. Players are only likely to get a handful of kills per match. There is nothing graphic or disturbing about the deaths. Just cuz a game has shooting in it, especially if its for the sake of survival, doesnt mean its going to derange anyone under 18. If killing in a T rated game like Uncharted wont derange a young teen than this wont either. Game is very basic deathmatch, yet in a huge open world where vehicles items and gear are scattered at random. I like how despite the aesthetic the gamendoesnt attempt realism. Health bars are adequate, damage is balanced, and bullets go wherever you aim. Younger players may be bored. As longs as you dont expect anything fantastical or large scale battlefield devastation, pretty much anything can happen if you are patient enough. Every online game has its toxic players. Even the kid friendly Overwatch.
Parent Written byShelly F. August 17, 2017

Great game. Common sense have exaggerated, just as usual. The "Blood Splatters" are just little puffs of red mist, and they fade after half a second. I seriously recommend parents watching the game before they decide, as the 18+ is way exaggerated. I let both of my boys (15 and 13) play it, and they love it.

Parent of a 12 year old Written byRobert H. August 29, 2017

Battlegrounds - What you need to know

Play Unknowns Battle Grounds or PUBG is a game with yes, violence but it has no language ( unless used by other players) no consumerism, and no mushy stuff. Yes this game has blood but that can be turned off, some players swear, that can be turned off, and it has guns, but so does Overwatch and that game is played by 9 to 24 year olds. All I'm saying is, this game is NOT 18+. And you should NOT base your decision of what Common Sense Media says. Thanks.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byJohn O. July 31, 2017

Commonsense always over exaggerates

Another example of a over-exaggerated review by CSM. This game isn't as violent as they say it is. When I watched my son play it, half they time he was hiding, finding loot or driving. And if you really care what your kid plays, go to google and find a video of it. Only let your kid have this game if he can handle Call of duty or something like that.

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Ease of Play
Parent Written byMary J. November 14, 2017

Kid Friendly YES

This game comes across as bad but compared to other games this is completely reasonable. This is a hot new game that everyone seems to be playing. You are here checking if it is appropriate for your kids. In scientific experiments held at the university of Texas and is seen to improve communication tools, awareness and surprisingly good for your brain health compared to other games like Halo. It shows little blood a little bit of violence no drinking or sex no swearing and no consumerism. It is an easy to play game and has no issue of privacy.

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Positive Messages
Ease of Play
Parent Written byGamester17 August 27, 2017

Humans killing humans = 18+ always!

Fun yes, but violent! And as with all MMO the open voice chat can be toxic, especially for those under 18+

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Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byDaniel K. December 25, 2017

Yet ANOTHER bad overrated review from CSM (btw im rating for xbox)

Adult Written byFlower g. October 5, 2017
I think that common sense media is overacting. I have two sons 12 and 9 they both play this game actively. I have watched them multiple time and the the violence is not bad at all. There is shooting, but little to no blood. This is less violent than other first and third person shooters, like battlefield 1. I strongly recommend this game for you or your kid, it is a blast.
Adult Written byJohnS 15 January 21, 2018

Great game for children 7+

I was skeptical to buy my 12 year old son this game because all the violence, but he begged. So I let him purchase the game. I still will never let my son play rated M+ games, but teen rated games are an exception.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Ease of Play
Adult Written byJason R. July 30, 2017


Guns are mainly used, no worse than a shooter game, blood is very cartoon like with puffs of blood which disappear after a few seconds. If your son/daughter is mature and has played cod then this game is perfect for them. I've played it many times and definitely not as bad as common sense media seems to say. -Jason
Adult Written byRacr July 27, 2017

Fun, not that brutal

I play this on my free time, there is some blood, but not that much You collect gear such as medicine to bring your health back up, body armor And weapons to protect yourself. I think the game should be at lest 13+.
Adult Written byKathy B. December 18, 2017

Truly over exaggerated by Commonsense Media

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a truly amazing experience! There is no swearing, the “blood” is very minimal and is more like fruit punch mist which tells you that you hit the enemy. Also, the mist disappears after a split second! It says there is heavy swearing but on PS4 and Xbox One there is no chat. This eliminates the swearing. Few say it heavy violence but the only physical injury is red dots and there are no dismembered body parts. The violence isn’t very realistic since it takes multiple shots to kill someone. This game doesn’t encourage violence at all and you will only engage in it if you can kill the person and vise versa. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds encourages teamwork and strategical genius to win and it also helps with decision making and problem solving skills. This is an amazing game and parents should allow their mature 10 year olds and up to play it!

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byJohn B. October 9, 2017


personally I have played this game before and to be honest the worst thing is the blood All parents do not listen to the commonsense media review It is Unrealistically rated If the blood worries just turn it of SIMPLE The blood is not to scare it is to identify if you have hit someone

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Positive Messages
Ease of Play
Adult Written byjohn d. January 2, 2018

It is not that bad

i have personally played this game 50+ hours and common sense media is not giving it a fair rating as far as the violence goes its not that bad most of your time is gonna be walking, driving cars and hiding and the blood goes away in a few seconds i would recommend turning voice chat off though
Adult Written byProtectedSquid J. November 27, 2017

Why PUBG is supposed to be rated 13+

The Game Fortnite is a really popular game that allows you to jump out of a bus a salvage for supply’s around the map. It is a Cartoon Battle Royale Game that is rated M PUBG for an example is Like Fortnite and the only thing why Common sense media put the game as 18+ is because of Voice Chat and Blood splatters. The Blood splatters are not that graphic it’s only like a Spray of Red mist. The Voice Chat can be turned off in the game and get others mics mute by the settings. PUBG is like any other Battle Royale game. PUBG has Guns But so does Overwatch and Star Wars battlefront and 9 year olds play that. PUBG is T Rated Meaning Teen so that is for 13+
Adult Written byod a. March 21, 2018
Adult Written byAlex W. March 30, 2018

Parents who think this game is for kids

Parents who think this game is for kids need to understand that this game is violent even if its just "little puffs of blood". I play and stream the game. It is not meant for kids to play. Considering you are playing in a last man standing, kill or be killed game. Anyone who claims this game is for kids are the same parents that claim these kinds of games are the reason for mass shootings. Its ignorant and massive oversight on the parents. Im a parent and i would never allow my child to play this game till she was 18.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 6 and 8 year old Written byPunky S. March 9, 2018

Great Game

This game is very good and highly addictive. I am 31 years old and play this a lot. I would not recommend children under 16 play this. There is a lot of blood and violence involved.

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Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byJohn B January 21, 2018

Just like Fortnite

This is a very cool game, I watch my son play it (13). It is almost identical to the game fortnite. Barely any blood just a puff of red mist. No language except if your kid uses voice communication, which is automatically off. No sex or dating.

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written byLennard C. October 15, 2017

Open world first person shooter game but with many bug and crashing servers

Open world first person shooter game but with many bug and crashing servers, furthermore many cheaters in this game. Would not recommend it.