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Teen, 14 years old Written byMyPatronus:Charizard July 13, 2012

Great, but confusing for new players.

A great and rewarding game that is very difficult even for me at 14 years old. If the kid can get the hang of it it is a great game. If the kids have never played Pokémon before it may be very confusing, but if they have played the series before then it will be very easy to understand and adds a new layer of depth to a great series. My only complaint is that this game desperately needs a walk through or guide because many of the technicalities cannot be directly carried over from the main series. EX: Kadabra's trade evolution. The is no trading in the new game and it is pure speculation on how to make them evolve, while not letting them evolve means that they will be weak. Overall, a amazing game that I would recommend to the 9+ age group.
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