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Well-done remake of a classic platform game, now in 3D.

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Parent of a 2 year old Written byundefinedcat April 7, 2011
Adult Written byEpic1991 March 30, 2011
age 8+

Is good if you haven't played it

This game is good if you haven't played the original Rayman 2, but if you have this will seem like all the same, other than that, I personally found that Rayman 2 was a disappointment in comparison to the first, which was a side-scroller.
Adult Written bynduns April 2, 2011
age 8+

Hey, it's better than Rayman DS

Rayman 2 has gotten a number of ports, hasn't it, and so far, the original DS port stands as the worst. This is at least an improvement not only in the graphics department but also sound and gameplay. Where this port suffers is mostly in the smaller details, most notably the cutscenes. There are a couple of moments that were removed for unknown reasons, like the explanation behind Rayman being captured at the beginning and a bit involving Jano gnashing his teeth threateningly at Rayman before chasing him. As for the sound itself, while the music is improved, there are some things they messed up. For instance, certain tracks that are only supposed to play during certain moments will likely still be going even after the moment is done. This was never the case with the original. Also, the music highly overpowers the dialog to the point where you can barely hear it. Sure, it's gibberish, but it's even more quiet in this version than it was in the original DS version. Either way, it's much more enjoyable than Rayman DS but little things prevent it from being a perfect port of Rayman 2.
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