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Parent reviews for Red Dead Redemption 2

Common Sense says

Outstanding Western adventure has very mature themes.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 12+
Based on 92 reviews

Kids say

age 13+
Based on 72 reviews
Adult Written bylionbro October 26, 2018

For kids 12 and older

This game has blood language but any mature 12 year old should know this language and not be affected. There is partial nudity for like a second in the whole game.

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Positive Messages
Ease of Play
Parent of a 18+ year old Written byScaryMovieMan October 27, 2018

Before you say no to your kid read this

Hello parents, as some body who has played about 4 hours into the story i can tell you that this game has got minimal stuff to warent an M rating (besides violence) the sexual content is kept to a very small amount (the "nudity" is actually horse genitalia and its hardly noticable and the swearing is mostly cowboy swear (ei, sh** and g**d***) and the F word is used by an Irish and by NPC but i only counted about 4 as of watching gameplay on youtube so its very random and doesn't happen much and as fir drugs and alcohol its a freaking western it will have lots if beer and tabacco but its accurate for the time if anything buy this game (with parents watching) as a history game (IE assassins creed) i found this game STUNNING the graphics are AMAZING you could play this game for hours just looking a mountains and small towns also for those wondering the violence is graphic (IE blood, you can skin animals, shoot people) but insanely accurate guns wont always kill in one shot unless you shoot in the head (also i have not played multiplayer yet since it comes out in november) but 100% reccomened this game this game is gonna win Game Of The Year for sure and if you dont let your kids play thats on you but they will be missing out on a story so REAL and fresh you could swear you were there and it will keep them there for a 60 hour long story that keeps twists and turns every where . I'm gonna leave you with this parents buy this game for anyone 12+ they wont hear anything they havent heard at school in fact they will hear less swearing here and they will also learn about how times were back in 1899. Until next time bye

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byrobby38 October 26, 2018

Too much nudity?

Over the past day I have been playing Red Dead Redemption 2. I played the first one and loved it. I could of done without the sexual themes in it though and it would not of affected me at all. I am aware that there is over 60 hours of gameplay so I do not know everything about the game. When playing the game there is lots of foul language but no more than what you would hear at your average middle school. F- bomb, [email protected], [email protected] I am ok with the language and the violence for my kid as because I know he is mature enough to handle it. I just did not let him play it at first because of the nudity. Unlike the last Red Dead and GTA 5 the sexual content is dialed down quite a bit in this game. The character you play as can not have sex with other characters at all in the game. There is cleavage shown a bit and a males genitals are shown though in a non-sexual way. There are only two scenes with a little engagement with sexual activity. During the storyline you save a woman from being raped but during the other scene you walk in on a man and a woman having sex. I believe that if your child is mature enough for this game and is 12-13 years or older s/he should be aloud to play this game. It is much better than some of Rockstars other masterpieces.
Adult Written byMicheal S November 4, 2018

This shouldn’t be an 18 rated game.

First of all I think this game is fantastic, and would be a shame for people 13 and over to miss out on. I pre ordered it for myself as I loved the first one, my son who is 13 found out and was begging me to let him play when it was released but I said no. I said that as I didn’t know how the game was gonna be like but I have now played it so I shall give a review on it. Let’s talk about language first. The language in this game is quite good for an 18 rated game what I mean is that there is swearing every single second. The worst the language gets is a few F words, I have played a lot of the game and haven’t heard the N-word so not sure why common sense put that in their rating. The S-word is said a bit but if your child is over 13 they would have heard it a lot at school and in films anyway. The most frequent word you will hear is b*stard and b*tch but even these don’t occur a lot. Now onto the violence, the violence in this is nothing more than you will see in shooters like Call Of Duty when a person gets shot there will be some blood spray but this would be expected in a game where guns are involved. There is no gore unless the player chooses to do so, for example you can tie someone on train tracks and wait for the train to come and that is gorey bit the only other gore is if you purposely go up to someone and shoot them point blank in the head but if your child doesn’t do this then they won’t see any gore. Sex and nudity is almost not in the game at all although there is a scene with a women on top of a man but it is split second and you don’t have to go there other than this there is none at all. Drinking and smoking is present but if your child is mature it won’t affect them. NOTE: there is a bit of hunting but you don’t have to do it. Overall I think you should let children 13 and over that are mature play. I have let my son play. Hopefully this helped you thanks Micheal
Adult Written byJackSchell October 27, 2018

It’s fine

There’s little to no sexual content and the worst it gets is a few f-bombs. This is fine for a 12 year old.
Adult Written byDarksydr November 22, 2018

Great game but NOT for kids

I am a lifelong gamer and I enjoy sharing games with my kids. However, I always play them first especially when it’s a company like rockstar games. I love their games, but they’re not suitable for kids. Red redemption 2 is just a slightly more tame version of grand theft auto set in the old west. You can murder people at random with multiple weapons and in multiple ways and although sexual scenes are not clearly depicted as they are in GTA, they are very much implied in RR2. In the saloon, women ask you if you want to have a good time and you have the option to decline. Also, there are bath houses within the hotels where ladies ask you if you need assistance bathing for a fee. If you accept, you observe the female character reaching into the bubbles between the male main character’s legs and asking if he would like to be scrubbed anywhere else. This game is open play, so there are infinite things to explore. For those parents saying on here that there’s no innapropriate content for kids, my suspicion is that they simply haven’t explored all of the game’s infinite possibilities in open play. You really have to get around the environment, try every door, every store, every service... My opinion, after playing about 6 hours of guilty pleasure into it and thoroughly enjoying the game; I will NOT be allowing my 13 year old to play it.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byBillF360 October 27, 2018

Great game

Super good. Language, Violence is the same as any rockstar game. The one thing that shocked me is how little sexual stuff is in the game. Nothing a mature 12 could not handle.
Adult Written byTrusted Parent ... November 9, 2018

Other Reviews Are Over Dramatic!

First off, the other reviewers overly dramatize their reviews. The swearing is there, but it's no more than a PG-13 movie. Even so, you tend not to notice it as you're too busy taking care of your horse, eating, or fending off foes. Next topic is sexual themes. Throughout my whole game play, I only encountered one sexual theme/reference. And, that was a girl requesting to wash me in the bathtub. You are easily able to decline this, and even if you do accept nothing is shown. She is still a fully dressed woman. Overall, this game is incredible and hands down game of the year. I rarely let my 14-year old even watch PG-13 movies, but this game he just has to experience. You can either be a good outlaw, or a bad outlaw, and that choice is up to you. At the end, the story leads you in a way that makes you feel bad if you're a bad outlaw and teaches you to be a good respectable citizen. Again, it's just a fantastic story. If you, or your kid, has the money to purchase this game then I highly recommend it. Thanks for your time, - Trusted Parent Reviews.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Ease of Play
Adult Written byIAmAbe October 27, 2018

Amazing depth!

I agree with Common Sense Media’s rating suggesting that adults only play this game. So far, I have played for a few hours and made it out of the snow to the campsite. I find it surprising that the “parents” on CSM are suggesting younger ages than the kids are. What I have seen and heard so far is not excessive as some mature rated titles are (such as the new Doom games), but it is still appropriate for the mature rating it has received. Violence and gore: So far, I have seen several shootouts, a fist fight, a dead horse on the ground with its guts sprawled into the snow and urine underneath it, and a decapitated body strung up underneath some train tracks with blood dripping from the body, and guts on the ground. To the side of the lower half of the body is also a head of the character that is pinned against the wooden post with some form of stake and a paper inserted into its mouth. A lot of the violence is what can be seen in some Teen rated games, such as the Uncharted series, but there are occasional scenes that are more graphic, such as the slow motion deaths that show realistic detail of where the person was shot with blood splattering through the air. You can also drive a knife into your enemies to kill them. Depending on your actions, they could be cold-hearted killings or self preservation. There is one moment in the game where you can kick a man who is hogtied on the ground. There is another where you have a choice of how to deal with a man who you got into a fistfight with. I don’t remember the choices, but there is a more harsh and a more kind option to choose from. Language: The language in the game is appropriate for the situation. Again, it is not gratuitous. There are periods of time where there is no language at all, and there are other periods where I have heard language that would be heard in a Teen game as well. There is a character in a saloon who talks about a pig’s anatomy and I’ve heard one F-word in the few hours of gameplay that I’ve been through. Sex/Nudity: So far, there has not been any nudity or sexual content, besides a female character walking around in the background of camp with a low-cut top. Drugs: There are options to use cigarettes in the game. Some characters can be seen smoking as well. I don’t recall any drinking yet. The controls in the game are consistent with the previous Red Dead Redepmtion, but they can be confusing depending on the situation. For example, the R2 button (on the PS4) is used to shoot, but there was a time that I was prompted to use the R2 button to point my gun at some people to convince them to get into a train. It felt like this would have shot them, which I wasn’t wanting to do. Another thing with the controls is holding down buttons while navigating menu systems, such as the equipment wheel, and other buttons that have to be held—at least briefly—before getting the response from the system. I have been confused at times when it is safe to release the held button/buttons, which is somewhat complicated for playing. Overall, the game is amazing and I’m excited to experience more of it! The story, direction, acting, musical score, graphical detail, and the world that the experience is set in is fantastic! I appreciate that the game is not afraid to slow down to show the player that there is a living world to experience, not just run through and shoot up. The contrast from the snowy environment with few wildlife encounters, and then going to warmer forrests with believable animals going about their own lives in herds and realistically responding to approaching humans is mind-boggling. I can’t imagine all the time even one person spent on the detail that was added to make this more than just a game, but an experience that is convincing. I’ve gone on long enough about content that is separate from the age rating for the game, but I would highly recommend it for appropriate audiences.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byTastfulltina October 27, 2018

Great Game

It’s an amazing game and if your kid can handle the language he should be fine if you know what he’s doing. You can make your own choices in this game so your not forced to do anything. Though the campaign only really has language
Adult Written byHunterRyann October 29, 2018

A lot of adult themes

There’s a lot of exploration where you can find a lot of nudity and if you don’t know that it’s there, you’ll find it. A lot of cussing and sexual talk which I would not approve for any child under 15. A lot of violence!

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byAbde October 25, 2018
Adult Written by76ers ru October 27, 2018
Adult Written byDavidw34 October 27, 2018

Great game. Definitely another masterpiece of Rockstars

Violence and language is the usual in any M rated game. Partial nudity for about 3 seconds in the game. Male genital shown once though in a non-sexual way. A mature twelve to thirteen year old can handle this.
Parent of a 12 year old Written by3v1np00le November 2, 2018

It is a great game for mature kids

This game is a masterpiece. If your child plays gta v or any first person shooters they can most definitely play this. There is one sex scene where you are drunk and you walk in on someone. This only lasts 10 seconds and if you do not go into any of the rooms upstairs you won't see it. While you could go and kill a whole town, the game rewards players who make good decisions by giving them cheaper shop prices and other things. There is alcohol and cigarettes but as long as you tell your kid these are bad, they will be fine and there is no more than in your 12 rated films.
Adult Written byKyleR800 October 27, 2018

Great game, little sexual activity!

The only thing I am worried about for my kid is the nudity. I know that he can handle the language, violence, gore. The nudity is what worried me a bit. After researching quite a bit I have learned that there is partial nudity shown and a man and a woman engaging in a sexual act. This is only seen for a few seconds. When playing the game you can not ever have sex with anyone. Male genitals are shown but in a non-sexual way. I think a mature 12-13 yo should be able to handle this game.
Adult Written byjefferey November 2, 2018

way to much language for a christian.

left and right g*d D*** its kinda like gta 5 when it comes to language but overall good game. barely any nudity except a rape scene if you choose to help. Man genitals and butt in a scene. and lots of drinking. i would say this game is only for 18+.

This title contains:

Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byTheRyanKing November 1, 2018

Would translate into a 16 movie

I feel like there is certainly mature Content here but if it was a movie it would be a 16. Apart from violence and gore, which is subjective to your child, you walk in on a couple having sex. You see other genetalia but it's all very tame. Some people saying 8 years old need to get their act together but I believe children are mature enough at 14
Adult Written byGermlambet45 October 27, 2018


If your kid can handle violence and language your fine
Adult Written byRealParentNotFake November 21, 2018

Pretty epic and family friendly.

I have a 11 year old child that asked for this game recently so I looked into it and was pushed away. There is horse genitalia but it is hardly noticeable and really adds to the experience since they shrink in the cold and get bigger in the heat. The skinning of animals has a detailed animation but in my opinion it adds to the experience. I let my son get the game and he absolutely loved it! He's played so much and I'm pretty happy about the purchase. This game does not have a battle royale mode which is a big down for my son, but it is still really fun. I was never really into video games but I tried playing it and had some fun. It has swearing but if your child is older than 11 they have definitely heard it at school and won't affect them if they are mature enough. It also reinforces the second amendment and is based in the wild west which can be a learning experience for your child. You are able to kill people which can be a turn off for some but again if your child is mature enough it won't matter.