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Trivia game for the vampire-obsessed; includes film clips.

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age 12+
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Kid, 12 years old November 26, 2009
hi!!!!!!!!! all
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Teen, 17 years old Written byilovekristenstewart July 23, 2010

twilight-GOTTA LOVE IT!!!

i LOVED this game!!! i play it all the time!!! but, i am a twi-hard, so, if anyone out there isn't they may not get into this game!!! i knew the answer to every question, and i would kind of like it if they had a new moon scene it, and an eclipse scene it!!!!!! yay for twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm reading the books through for the 16th time!!!!! i just recently had a twilight party for a bunch of my friends and we watched twilight and new moon, and then i payed for us all to go to the theatre to see eclipse, it was AWESOME, we had a blast!!!
Parent of a 5 and 7 year old Written bylisam358 January 18, 2010

Definitely a game for Twilight fans - but you might be better off renting first and trying it

At the beginning of the Twilight craze I thought not much of it -that was until on a Saturday afternoon my 5 year old son was bored and we decided to rent a movie and he picked Twilight.. I ended up watching it with him and by the end was hooked, wanting to know what happened next. Needless to say that day I purchased all 4 of the books and read them all cover to cover within 2 days. I then found myself watching the movie again and this time it piqued my 7 year old daughters interest. Well from that moment on my daughter and I have become Twilight fans. Twilight Scene It for Wii was at the top of my daughters want list for Christmas and lo and behold Santa came through. As soon as all the presents were opened she immediately wanted to play the game, so we popped it in and set it up for a two player game. At first the controls were a bit confusing as to how to answer the questions; I think that it should have been set up where you could point to the answer with your remote and click a button to lock in your choice, though it only took me a few seconds to figure it out and about two minutes later she took to it. At the beginning we had high expectations and were having a good time, but in no time she became very frustrated because she did not know hardly any of the answers to the questions, whereas I had watched the movie quite a few times ( and yes I am too embarrassed to admit to exactly how many - but let’s just say a lot and at times I would listen to it in the background while working or cleaning as well) so I was able to answer all of the questions with ease - not getting a single question wrong and always scoring the highest for each. It didn't take long for her to become extremely frustrated because mom was kicking her butt. She has subsequently played with her friends (Twilight fans on the same level as herself) and I while watching them play I found that had a real hard time and were unable to answer the questions, which manifested into frustration, followed by boredom and moved on to another game. Since then I have not seen her play the game again. I decided to give it another try on my own, with no kids present, but after playing through the longest round (I believe it was 30 questions) I found I had lost my interest as well, because it became repetitive and not challenging. I rated it for 14+ - but it seems that age isn’t the easiest way to rate this game; it should be rated by how big a Twilight fan you are, how many times you have seen the movie or have read the books. The more "obsessed" you are with the movie/books, the more challenging and fun the game could be (as you would know the answers for many if not all of the questions). But for the younger gamer/child who just went and saw the movie and then move on waiting for the next movie to be released, this game might be just too much for them and become more frustrating and fun. Whether you are a Twilight expert or a novice, the game does get old quick. It is not the type of game that can be played often, as once you go through all of the questions there is nowhere else to go. I see it more as a game to rent, have fun, and return it and move on. I think that if they structured the game with the choice of different levels – novice through expert, and structured questions under each category to fit the knowledge level it might have had a wider appeal. I also think that if they had added some sort of capacity to download new questions/clips or to make it more interactive it would have vastly improve the gaming experience as a whole.
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