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Vocabulary-exercise puzzler is an imaginative treat.

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Parent of a 9, 15, and 18+ year old Written bySpecimenB April 12, 2013

Good for the whole family

A terrific game for parents and kids a like. My son and I enjoy playing together and seeing how many silly solutions we can come up with. Much like the old scribblenauts, you create just about any object in existence to solve puzzles by typing in the name. In Unlimited, you have an open world of numerous themes to visit and solve many puzzles and stories. The worlds vary from ancient Egypt, space, jungle tribes, urban cities and beaches. Lot's to play and replay. Also, with a spellcheck, kids can learn how to properly spell words. The Wii U version adds more features with the gamepad screen. Overall, this was a good buy.
Kid, 11 years old January 9, 2013


This game is great! I think that any kid should play it, though younger kids will definitely need help with some puzzles. Actually, I'm 11, and I still needed help on some of them!
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Teen, 13 years old Written byARandomDude February 24, 2013

Awesome, Really Creative

Its really creative, you build things,You will really like this game in single player or in multiplayer its fun for the family and funny I rate this 10/10
Kid, 10 years old June 1, 2014

great game funny and good for learning

its a good game you play as max i believe his name was it doesn't matter all that matters is the goal of the game is to help people to save your sister from a spell by helping people not bets storyline but it kids game so who cares it funny cause you can make a ridable fire breathing zombie hippy that flies around with you in it tons of fun younger kids can get creative and learn a bit like in hospital there is a sick guy and you have to add adjective healthy
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Parent of a 5, 10, 14, and 17 year old Written byMomisummer August 11, 2013

My 10 year old loves the whole series

My son has played each of the games and he loves them all. No cussing, violence or anything but a mind puzzle. Great for all ages.
Parent Written byTheEternalLaws June 20, 2013

Real good

An amazing game, very engaging and anyone who plays it instantly is determined to beat the game. I don't like how you can make nukes, giant guns, swords, katanas and various other weapons.
Teen, 15 years old Written byknifeandfork July 14, 2015

Mild cartoon violence

The PEGI 12 rating is far too high. This game gives players the chance to create any objects they want, anything they can think of. This ability is the key game mechanic, used to solve puzzles to obtain stars. As almost any object can be created, this includes guns and knives, which can then be used to hurt people. However, due to the colourful cartoon environment, the violence is very unrealistic and if a character is killed, they simple disappear in a puff of smoke, with no blood or gore at all. Also, it is important to bear in mind that the game never requires you to make a weapon appear anyway, so young children won't even think of it. Also, drugs and sexual objects are not included in the game's dictionary. The game is great for learning as it can teach children vocabulary and creativity in a fun way. However, the game is far too simplistic for teenagers or adults to get much enjoyment out of it. Super Scribblenauts is a much better game in that respect.
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Teen, 14 years old Written bySmileNerd December 20, 2014

Easy But Fun

Scribblenauts Unlimited is an extremely easy game. It's a game that you'll breeze through if you are above 12 or 13 years old. But it is also extremely fun! Anyone will enjoy this game! If you are five you'll love it, and if you're 102 you'll love it. This game teaches kids basic problem solving skills and lets them be creative. You can spawn almost anything you can imagine into the game (especially if you own the PC version, because of the easily accessible workshop where anyone can upload anything for you to download), and you can add adjectives to those items to change them. Want to spawn a dolphin? How about a colorful happy zombie giant hipster dolphin? There is absolutely no sexual content or harsh language in the game. There is some very mild violence (you can spawn rocketlaunchers, make zombies bite people, etc.) but there is no blood and it's nothing that your 5-year-old can't handle unless you live in a very conservative family. The only reason I gave this a 5+ rating is because it might be a little difficult for anybody under 5. Overall, this is a wonderful game that the whole family can enjoy.
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Easy to play/use
Teen, 13 years old Written bySees Little January 6, 2014

I Blame Lily

This is a really great game, But I still have 2 Complaints. 1: Maxwell's sister, Lily, gets a curse that slowly turns her to stone. This may be upsetting to young players. 2: Because Lily is being turned to stone, it might be morally difficult to do bad things for no apparent reason other than humor because you have to collect starites in the game to reverse the effects of the curse, but starites are created by positive emotions.
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Kid, 9 years old October 2, 2013


i like the game be case
Kid, 8 years old October 6, 2013

SCRIBBLE ALL OVER YOUR FACE NAUTS (unlimited face nauts)

in scribblenauts unlimited, you help people to earn starites and free your sister from a curse.You can steal things from people,beat them up with weapons,hand to hand combat animals and you can scare them away.i have this game. i don know if its sexual. i have not tried that in the game...
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