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Toy figurines become characters in exciting action game.

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Teen, 14 years old Written bybarn owl October 24, 2011

Skylanders is awesome!!

This game is pretty cool. With the game controls being so easy to master, even noobs to the game will be good at it in no time. Oh there are glitches, but the gameplay isn't to bad. My favourites are Chop Chop, Warnado, and Cyder
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Too much consumerism
Kid, 10 years old November 24, 2011


I have the game, and I bet it would be awesome! It's pretty entertaining to play, too. My favorite ones right now are Spyro, and Zap.
Kid, 11 years old June 29, 2014

Skylanders, meet us.

The first time I saw this video game commercial, it was when I went to see Happy feet 2. When I did, it said it is coming soon. I couldn't wait. when, we went to the store to get it, we found out how the toys work, and we were fascinated. It was amazing. The game was extremely fun too, one of my favorite video games of all time!
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Great messages
Great role models
Easy to play/use
Too much consumerism
Kid, 10 years old December 30, 2012


I love Skylanders! Even my dad is obsessed with it. My favorites are Stealth Elf and Cynder. Flynn is annoying though.
Kid, 10 years old April 11, 2012

Not The Best Game

A Fun,but nothing compared to DragonQuestIX,game.Tiny figurines,adventure packs that start a whole new chapter,stealing experience from enemies,small little lockmaster puzzles,bigger puzzles,different powers with each skylander,Kaos' fun little spells,and more.But I spend 50% of MY time on weekends playing DragonQuestIX,5% Skylanders,20% going out,and 25% playing Skyward Sword.Just say'in.Oh,if you use video walkthroughs to help you progress,basch07 of youtube is your man.
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Educational value
Teen, 16 years old Written byflame darkstar January 2, 2012


i have played it before and i think that it is a very good game, not very violent either and quite educational. out of ten i would give it 9 and a half. the half was missing because i dont like the hard bits name:flame darkstar age:14 favourite caracter:spyro favourite badguy: mages most funny people: kaos. why?:though he is very evil he is very young and short. he is only a child. i love this is my favourite thanku very much for reading this. love flame darkstar
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Great role models