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This exceptional evolution sim is a masterpiece.

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Kid, 8 years old October 17, 2009

It's OK

It's a fun game. I like to play.
Kid, 10 years old August 21, 2009

Great to play, not so educational

It's a wonderful game that gives an example on how life could have evolved, but the education is very iffy. First off, evolution doesn't happen every time you dance under a circle of hearts, you cant choose what mouth you have, and well, you cant just grow 6 arms in 5 minutes. Of Course, I absolutely love the game. It's fun, cool and it's a fun game. It's a great "God Game"
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Teen, 15 years old Written bylunarheart14 June 24, 2009

Easy to play and very fun!

I love this game! Its so fun! Its cool to make your own creatures and raise them!
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Educational value
Adult Written byJinny Gudmundsen June 23, 2009
Love that kids learn by experimenting.
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Educational value
Great messages
Teen, 15 years old Written byIamMilkweed May 9, 2009


This game has awesome God-like abilities and amazing things to discover. Hours of endless fun!
Kid, 12 years old April 27, 2009


Great game, when it first came out i was hoping for a little more than it gave me but it is still great! There is nothing bad about it exept for a little blood.
Teen, 13 years old Written bycowe192 March 1, 2009


I love spore. It is so addicting, fun and awesome, that you can't stop playing it! The game has some violence, blood and a little bit of gore, but it all lives in the chain of life. Players can eat other creatures, which shows the gore.
Kid, 10 years old January 25, 2009

cool game

i like the idea of being unusual and doing quests and stuff like that
Kid, 12 years old November 24, 2008

Fun, but it's not science!

It is an amzing game, but unlike many its because of it's creative value. What it lacks in its simple gameplay it more than makes up for in its creators. I, however, do not think it represents science, and they should stop talking about how its so scientific, and start showing off the creators! Violence: In cell stage, there is watered down blood, but you can play through without harming anyone. In creature stage, you can hunt, but its not very violent. In tribal stage, you can fight with spears, axes and fire, but no blood. In civilization stage, you fight with vehicles, but you can see panicked citizens in the cities under attack. In space stage, you can kill cities, tribes, and even individual creatures. Sex: Dancing under hearts, and some hippies mentions pregnancy. Langauge: None. Social Value: You can be peaceful, or violent. Eduacational Value: No science as you mentioned ther was. Commerciallism: None, but the CEO of EA has mentioned an interest in ingame advertising. Drugs and alchohal(sp): None.
Kid, 12 years old November 19, 2008
This game is absolutely wonderful! But when I try to use the outfit designer, the game crashes. I cannot play this game anymore, becuase when I try to load or start a new game, it instantly crashes--even though I have a top of the line $8,000 gaming computer. This game is all about evolution, so I think it has a great ed. value. I give this a 5/5, even though I can't play it ever again.