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Extraordinarily fun, over-the-top snowboarding adventure.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byIronRunningAnvil August 23, 2012

Good game, Great graphics...

Oh no another snowboard game. Thats what i said when i first saw this game. I was never the best at those kind of games, but still i picked it up for a good price and tried it. Well lets just say i played it for a while afterwards. The game has amazing affects in it with a contrast of realistic to non realistic gameplay. It's easy to learn to play as well with there not being so many controls. Overall a 4/5 game which i would happily reccomend
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Teen, 13 years old Written byRichardR. May 20, 2012

Intense, and satisfying.

Amazing. SSX is a BLAST. Let me get the parent stuff out of the way. Violence: Players crash in painful ways, but usually just get back up and ride. Mild blood, if you crash "red stuff" will appear on the edges of the screen. Players can die in many ways that might make you cringe (from the sound effects that occur when crashing". Sex: On Alex's "Tricky Move" she pole dances on her snowboard. In a cut-scene Mac is shown with many women in a hot tub. In a helicopter, a poster with a silhouette of a naked woman is visible. Consumerism: Real popular songs, as well as a Travis Rice character. Also, one of the helicopters has the "RED BULL" logo all over it. Drugs: In a helicopter there is "no smoking" sign. Language: Uses of the word "punk" Positive: The message is to not give up, and shoot big. All the characters love their job. SSX is fun, great. My only problem is that it is difficult, and there is no splitscreen, however this does not tarnish the experience. It is epic, intense, And FAST. Great soundtrack, online multiplayer, gameplay, and tracks.If you love SSX or snowboarding, this is a must buy.
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Too much violence
Too much sex
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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Adult Written byJEDI micah April 27, 2013

One word: AWESOME!!!

I love, love, LOVE this game! I'm not normally a sports game guy, but man, this is extremely amazing! Snowboarding through rough mountain ranges, performing sick air tricks, and even flying through mid-air with a wing suit makes this game incredibly enjoyable! This is that kind of game that will give you an adrenaline rush feeling that makes you want to do more tricks! This game is a winner, without question!
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Kid, 12 years old December 31, 2014

Great game all-round

I got this game free as i would never usually get sports games but i was completely blown away by the graphics and game quality. The air tricks are awesome and the variety of races, surviving runs and doing the coolest tricks makes it really interesting. It also has some good motivational messages and role-models.
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Great messages
Great role models
Parent of a 13 and 16 year old Written bynuenjins September 15, 2014

SSX throws tedious tasks into the fun factor it's famous for.

SSX is hands down the best snowboarding game out there. Other games pale to it and have failed in fun, presentation, execution, and usually are graphically boring in comparison. Having said all this SSX is HD for the first time and just as impressive as ever. You pull insane tricks, grind, fly high, gain boosts and navigate the mountain in several insane and fun ways including the 'squirrel' suit.......however..... the fun is now overshadowed by tasks that are often frustrating and kill the fluid gameplay that it's been known for. For instance, there is now a rewind button but it's not really for convenience, it's because you will be falling off the track so much that you will have to use it over and over just to survive on many of the missions you're given. If that sounds fun you may like the elusive 'don't run out of oxygen coming down the mountain' as you do as little as possible to just get down the hill without passing out and sometimes when it's pitch black. These additions for realisms sake cause me to recommend almost ANY other older rendition of the game. Realism is OK in some instances but it shouldn't force fun games like this into not being the over the top get together game it used to be. Oh, and now it's only 1 player local too. I can't recommend this to anyone who's played the old one unless you would enjoy the new 'realistic tasking' and online only multiplayer. Best one in my opinion was the Gamecube versions SSX On Tour where you get to be Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach or you can try SSX3 both of which are split secreen and forego the mission orientated story. They are not as graphically impressive but overall much more fun.